Actionable Insights for WithMe Health LLC


WithMe Health, LLC offers personalized medication guidance that enhances health outcomes and reduces pharmacy expenses. WithMe Health turned to our healthcare marketing agency to conduct a qualitative research study. The research study would offer data-driven actionable insights and recommendations to reinforce WithMe Health’s position in the marketplace. Results from the study also were used to inform WithMe Health’s marketing strategy.

What We Delivered

Conway Marketing Group’s research team worked with the WithMe Health team to understand its solutions to carry out a four-phase qualitative research project: pre-screening questionnaire, in-depth interviews, qualitative data analysis, and a top-line report. Working hand-in-hand with WithMe Health, we wrote and distributed a pre-screening questionnaire to help screen participants. From this sample, we scheduled 45-minute interviews with qualified candidates. Our research team analyzed each interview and transcript to extract insights and recommendations from the data. We also reviewed the study’s findings, and summarized and reported the results in a top-line report with actionable insights and recommendations.

The Results

The collaboration between Conway Marketing Group and WithMe Health yielded an extensive qualitative research project. Our rigorous four-phase approach enabled us to obtain valuable insights into both WithMe Health’s target audience and marketplace solutions. By conducting in-depth interviews, we uncovered the distinct experiences and opinions of the target audience, resulting in a wealth of rich and nuanced data.

With the research project’s findings, WithMe Health gained a more profound understanding of its target audience, needs, and experiences. As a result, we provided valuable and actionable insights, and equipping WithMe Health with the necessary tools to enhance their marketplace solutions. The collaboration was a resounding success, generating significant and practical insights to positively impact WithMe Health’s future endeavors.

The Client

WithMe Health’s mission is to change the PBM industry and medication guidance for the better. Their business model is designed to fully align with the objectives of their clients, removing the many conflicts of interest that often exist in a PBM-plan sponsor relationship. WithMe Health’s signature innovation is their Personalized Medication Guidance program, a human-led, tech-enabled clinical team whose focus is on utilization management. Through proactive engagement, this organization can drive savings and improve both outcomes and member satisfaction.

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