Animal Health Vet Tech Week Campaign

The Challenge

Amatheon Animal Health partnered with Conway Marketing Group to create a comprehensive marketing campaignduringVet Tech Week. The objective was to express gratitude towards vet techs while also generating potential sales leads. The campaign effectively engaged its target audience through the Amatheon Vet Tech Week Sweepstakes. Vet Tech Week is dedicated to celebrating the hard work and dedication of veterinary technicians. Throughout this week, the campaign offered incredible giveaways as a token of appreciation for the remarkable efforts of vet techs.

What We Delivered

Conway Marketing Group (CMG) supported Amatheon Animal Health by creating and executing a multi-faceted campaign for Veterinary Tech Week. Our deliverables and activities included:

  • Website Hero Image: We designed a captivating hero image for the campaign, grabbing the attention of visitors and conveying the campaign’s message.
  • Social Media Posts: We crafted and scheduled daily Facebook and Instagram posts, including compelling graphics and winner announcements, to engage the audience and create buzz.
  • Contest Rules Graphics: We designed visually appealing graphics that clearly communicated the contest rules and regulations.
  • Ad Creation: We developed eye-catching ads to promote the campaign across various platforms.
  • Social Advertising Account Setup: We set up the necessary social advertising accounts to maximize the campaign’s reach and effectiveness.
  • Digital Marketing and Audience Targeting: Through meticulous ad targeting techniques, such
    as retargeting, lookalike lists, and demographics, we ensured that our ads reached the intended audience effectively.
  • Contest Administration: We oversaw the entire contest administration process, managing submissions, ensuring fair participation and selection of winners.
  • Contest Landing Page: We created a dedicated landing page that redirected participants to current sales initiatives relevant to the vet tech audience.
  • Email Marketing: We sent three emails to Amatheon Animal Health’s database, effectively publicizing the contest and encouraging participation.
  • Blog Post: We crafted an engaging blog post to further promote the campaign and share valuable insights with the audience.
  • Logo Update: We refreshed Amatheon Animal Health’s logo, giving it a modern and professional look.

The Results

Through the implementation of a comprehensive marketing campaign, we successfully empowered Amatheon Animal Health to achieve their objectives during Veterinary Tech Week. By combining social media engagement, targeted digital advertising, email marketing and strategic content creation, we not only increased brand awareness and engagement within the vet tech community but also generated a significant number of contest submissions, providing valuable sales leads. This initiative further solidified Amatheon Animal Health’s position as a dedicated supporter of vet techs and their crucial role in animal healthcare.

As a result of the campaign, Conway Marketing Group drove 4,402 visitors to the website including 7,515 page views. Contest submissions came in at 1,1867 during the contest period.​​ The digital advertising campaign resulted in more than 49,000 impressions and 857 link clicks for a cost per click of $.48. Additionally email marketing resulted in open rate averages above 30% and click-through rates up to 10%. Organic social media efforts resulted in a Facebook reach of 34,850 with an Instagram reach of 7,079. The Instagram account also grew more than 808 followers during the contest period, an increase of nearly 100%.

The Client

Amatheon is a leading Animal Health Distributor of Veterinary Specialty Medications™ in the nation.

Their mission is to provide specialty hospitals with a comprehensive catalog of brand and generic medications, including controlled substances and supply-sensitive medications.

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