Branding Initiative for Non-Profit Consulting Company

The Challenge

With new leadership and a desire to stay current with the latest trends, our non-profit client recognized the need to update their logo and branding, which had become outdated and no longer aligned with their mission and values.

What We Delivered

To address these challenges, we worked closely with the CEO to develop a new brand identity that was both modern and representative of their core values. We conducted extensive research into their target audience and the competitive landscape to ensure that the new branding would resonate with the community.

We designed a new logo that incorporated a bold color scheme and modern typography. The new logo conveyed a sense of energy and optimism that was lacking in the old logo. We also developed a set of brand guidelines that outlined the proper use of the logo, typography, and color palette.

To ensure that the new branding was integrated throughout the organization, we developed a set of marketing materials, including digital assets, proposal template, and stationery, that were consistent with the new branding.

The Results

The non-profit organization saw an immediate impact from the new branding and received positive feedback from the community, with many people commenting on the energy and optimism conveyed by the new logo. The new branding helped better communicate their mission and values, and to attract a new generation of supporters who were passionate about their cause.



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