Digital Advertising For HealthTech SaaS

The Challenge

Our client, an emerging SaaS company with limited brand awareness in HealthTech, was looking to increase lead form submissions on its website. This would help generate contacts for its sales teams and outbound marketing efforts.

The ultimate goal for the company was to expose its brand to more potential customers, drive industry professionals to its website, and initiate sales calls with potential new clients through form fills for software consultations.

What We Delivered

Conway Marketing Group worked within the client’s budget to establish a demand-gen digital advertising strategy aimed at decision-makers within the healthcare industry. To do this, we:

  • Created landing pages that drove conversions
  • Launched social media display ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, targeting users with specific job titles and other industry demographics
  • Used return website visitors and lookalike audiences from current customer lists to find appropriate audiences for campaigns
  • Matched landing pages with an extensive Google search advertising strategy, positioning important and engaging PPC ads at the top of relevant SERPs for keywords related to the industry and software features.

The Results

As a result of the advertising campaigns, CMG was able to drive thousands of visitors to the client’s website at a cost per click under $3. Website acquisitions from digital advertising grew to account for more than 36% of total site traffic and was a leading source of form-fill submissions and email list growth.

The Client

Healthfully is a HealthTech SaaS company committed to providing healthcare, corporations, and community organizations with digital health solutions that deliver the best experience to their patients and communities. They provide a white-label, comprehensive technology platform to engage and empower consumers on their health and wellness journey.

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