Elevating Palomar’s Brand to the Next Level


Palomar is an innovative insurance company that provides specialty policies to residential and commercial customers. They focus on underserved markets, including earthquake, hurricane, and flood insurance. To support Palomar’s rapid growth, the company became publicly traded in 2019. As part of their transformation, Palomar recognized an urgent need to reimagine their brand, redesign their website, and communicate these changes to an ever-growing client base and new stockholders. That’s where Conway Marketing Group came in.

Palomar’s History

A group of insurance veterans founded Palomar in 2014 after witnessing the good, the bad and the ugly in the underserved catastrophe market. They created Palomar to right the wrongs they saw in the industry. Decades of experience in underwriting, reinsurance, program administration, distribution and analytics allowed them to craft innovative solutions in these niche areas.

In 2019, Palomar hit a major milestone — they entered the Nasdaq, the second-largest stock exchange in the world. This move bolstered their trajectory of profitable growth spurred by their innovative, creative business structure. Palomar was poised to grow, profit, and achieve their vision – but their brand needed to reflect their evolution.

The Challenge: A New Ballgame with Higher Stakes

Entering the Nasdaq came with greater stakes and even greater responsibility. On top of that, the world was growing uncertain and unstable in the early months of 2020. Palomar faced a unique challenge — communicating their expanding breadth to a growing client base as well as a brand new, and highly invested audience of stockholders. The pressure was on, and there was no room for error.

The Solution: A Marketing Strategy That Hits the Bullseye

In 2020, Palomar engaged Conway Marketing Group to hit their complex targets — swiftly and flawlessly. Palomar needed more than the typical agency: they needed a thought partner that would uphold their values and become true stewards of their brand.

Conway’s team was up for the challenge. They took the time to learn Palomar’s background, vision, and unique challenges. Although Conway was initially engaged to focus specifically on Palomar’s rebrand website, it became clear very quickly that Palomar and Conway could do even more to amplify Palomar’s brand story and omnichannel marketing strategy which included public relations, search engine optimization, email marketing a and social media.

Conway delivered early website wins, boosting Palomar’s confidence in Conway’s ability to cultivate strong results, including:

  • 250,000 page views
  • 1,340 bot-answered questions
  • 2,319 web forms submitted
  • 40+ website enhancements

An important component of the website strategy included adding robust and thorough content to important pillar pages in order to win important searches within the insurance industry. CMG researched the top-ranking websites these important websites and bulked up the content with relevant FAQs, statistics, product descriptions, and action items. As a result, Palomar began to improve their SERP rankings for their main insurance product offerings, including page one results for important queries related to earthquake and flood insurance. In addition to boosting views the SEO boost helped the organization collect a significant amount of web forms related to their products which allowed further outreach through email communications.

With the rebrand and website redesign underway, Conway launched into the next project phase: developing a brand stewardship and social media program to enhance Palomar’s leadership position with internal and external audiences. In doing so, Conway drove 76,584 impressions and 4,603 engagements across four social channels.

As a public company, Palomar entered a whole new world of regulatory requirements, and Conway stepped in to assist with the creation of government-regulated documents for reporting and shareholders. The cohesive, trusting partnership between Palomar and Conway deepened as they collaborated on product launches and designed and developed an online portal.

Conway’s public relations experts introduced Palomar to new audiences and secured their position as a leader in the industry. PR wins include:

  • 77 media mentions
  • 15 Press Releases
  • 11 Thought Leadership Articles
  • The Wall Street Journal National Media Mention
  • San Diego Business Journal CFO of the Year Finalist
  • Top 100 Diversity Officers by National Diversity Council

In addition to the website and public relations strategy, CMG also helped Palomar reach its stakeholders through social media and email marketing initiatives CMG’s creative and copywriting professionals developed a content calendar of social media posts driving traffic back to important, action-oriented web pages and content. Our marketing agency also used content from the website and blog to reach stakeholders, including insurance agents and potential consumers, with a targeted and strategic email marketing strategy.

The team developed a tailored marketing strategy to achieve Palomar’s vision, overcome its challenges, build brand loyalty, increase engagement, and drive awareness.

The Results: Palomar Doubled in Size and Achieved Market Success

Since embarking on a relationship with Conway Marketing Group, Palomar has doubled in size, achieved success in a difficult market and seen year-over-year increases in their holdings.

Palomar’s website traffic has exploded since its launch, and it continues to flourish with new enhancements. Public relations efforts have secured their position in the market, and additional marketing efforts have landed deals in the boardroom. Palomar and Conway’s comprehensive, strategic marketing efforts effectively communicate Palomar’s value, story and bright future.

By partnering with Conway Marketing Group, Palomar leaped over their hurdles in the market and are on their way to achieving their grand vision, while increasing market value. They succeeded in communicating their new breadth and identity to both their expanded client base and stockholders.

Palomar entrusted Conway with their brand and reputation, offloading much work and (and worry), so they could focus on what’s most important — helping provide insurance to people in underserved catastrophe markets.

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