Email Marketing For Amatheon Animal Health

The Challenge

Our client, Amatheon Animal Health, is a leading e-commerce B2B company in the animal health and medicine space. The company sells pharmaceutical supplies for dogs, cats, and other animals to veterinarian clinics and hospitals across the country. The company was looking to take more advantage of HubSpot as a marketing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to send better emails, engage with contacts and ultimately drive e-commerce sales. The client tasked Conway Marketing Group with creating and implementing an email marketing strategy to better manage and improve their email program.

What We Delivered

To start, the team conducted a comprehensive analysis of Amatheon’s current email campaigns. This included examining factors such as template design, campaign frequency, content, and engagement metrics. This analysis enabled the team to identify areas that needed improvement, determine what was working well, and build an email marketing strategy for the company going forward. CMG focused on improving consistent product emails, one-off sales and promotions, automated marketing initiatives, and a monthly newsletter. An email strategy was presented focusing on optimizing the schedule and content of marketing emails.

From strategy, CMG focused on implementation, creating aesthetically pleasing email templates that would accommodate these frequent email types. CMG synched products from the company’s Sales CRM and website in order to display and present important medicines that would encourage click-throughs to buy. CMG also worked with Amatheon to understand and design important company CTAs that engaged customers with important updates regarding the company’s operations and customer service initiatives. Additionally, CMG worked to understand and segment the company’s lists and contacts ensuring the right audience would receive the right messaging at the right time.

In addition to the strategy, CMG delivered 4-5 emails per month focusing on important company news and product sales. Emails were mobile responsive, working across device types, and encouraged customers with clear calls to action. Utilizing HubSpot, CMG delivered drag-and-drop email templates, engaging email hero images, and a synched product library to create beautiful marketing emails for the team to utilize going forward. Additionally for each email, CMG utilized A/B testing to begin better understanding what customers wanted to see from Amatheon in their inbox.

The Results
The results of the email marketing engagement were immediate for the client. CMG measured the success of the email marketing efforts using a number of factors including deliverability, open rates, click-throughs, and sales. Additionally, the ease of creating new emails quickly was also an important point of success. Because of the templated nature of the emails delivered, new emails and business information could easily be sent to the company’s audiences when a need arose.

Conway Marketing Group’s email program delivered open rates between 25-40% and click-through rates that, in some cases, passed 4%, far above the industry average. Additionally, emails from CMG’s email marketing program had delivery rates above 99% and bounce rates below 1%. Conway Marketing Groups email marketing strategy and program contributed to the continued success of Amatheon Animal Health’s e-commerce business.

The Client

Amatheon is a leading Animal Health Distributor of Veterinary Specialty Medications™ in the nation.

Their mission is to provide specialty hospitals with a comprehensive catalog of brand and generic medications, including controlled substances and supply-sensitive medications.

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