Enhancing Brand Appeal: Rock and Recovery

The Challenge

Conway Marketing Group was approached by Rock & Recovery to conduct an extensive audit of existing audience intelligence, perform market research, and develop actionable insights and recommendations for the brand’s positioning, messaging, and content marketing strategies. Additionally, the study aimed to create 3-5 custom avatars representing different segments of the target audience.

What We Delivered

To accomplish the objectives outlined by Rock & Recovery, Conway Marketing Group utilized a comprehensive research methodology. The process consisted of the following key steps:

Existing Data Audit: The first step involved investigating and reviewing existing audience intelligence. Multiple sources were explored, including contact databases, past market research reports, customer surveys, and the response data from previous marketing campaigns such as email, website, and social media engagements. Additionally, the analysis focused on evaluating the effectiveness of the brand’s existing messaging.

New Market Research: To identify gaps in current brand messaging and positioning, new market research was conducted. The research explored spaces that overlapped with the Rock & Recovery audience. The aim was to gain insights into the target audience’s demographics, behavioral trends, and levels of past engagement with the brand.

Internal & External Stakeholder Interviews: Recognizing the unique privacy needs of the Rock & Recovery audience, Conway Marketing Group proposed conducting confidential interviews with key internal stakeholders within the brand and external stakeholders such as listeners and supporters. These interviews aimed to gather insights about the perception of the Rock & Recovery brand and its alignment with the target audience’s expectations.

Full Intelligence Report and Custom Avatars: Based on the comprehensive research findings, Conway Marketing Group developed a full intelligence report. The report provided a summary of the research insights, along with actionable recommendations to inform the brand’s positioning, messaging, and content marketing strategies. Furthermore, the study resulted in the creation and documentation of 3-5 custom avatars, representing different segments of the Rock & Recovery audience. These avatars captured the unique characteristics, motivations, and behaviors of each segment, enabling the brand to tailor its marketing efforts more effectively.

The Results

Conway Marketing Group successfully conducted an existing data audit and market research study for Rock & Recovery. The study provided valuable insights into the target audience, resulting in a comprehensive intelligence report and the development of 3-5 custom avatars. The actionable recommendations enabled the brand to refine its positioning, messaging, and content marketing strategies, enhancing its connection with the audience and supporting the brand’s growth and impact within the mental health recovery space.

The Client

Rock and Recovery™ is a dedicated community that provides support and resources for individuals facing addiction, trauma, and mental health challenges. This organization fosters self-motivation, encourages the sharing of valuable information, and offers a personal haven of serenity both through our on-air programming and online platforms.

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