Exceptional Engagement at ASA Webinar

The Challenge

Health Carousel, a prominent healthcare staffing and workforce solutions provider, had organized a virtual ASA webinar featuring the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) as the presenter, scheduled to speak on a crucial healthcare topic. The objective was to elevate the audience’s virtual experience by ensuring that the presentation content and creative elements complemented the storyline and effectively captivated and engaged the participants.

What We Delivered

The services provided by Conway Marketing Group were integral in the successful completion of an updated presentation deck and a whitepaper that perfectly aligned with the requirements presented by the CNO. We brought our wealth of experience in event management to develop a comprehensive set of poll, seed, and assessment questions to ensure a high level of participation by the target audience. As part of our deliverables, we provided an updated and polished presentation deck that could easily convey all the necessary information to the intended audience. Our team also worked on a 30-second promotional video script that captured the essence of the project and encouraged participation. In addition, we drafted three LinkedIn posts, email invites, and a blog post discussing the project’s objectives and outcomes.

The Results

The virtual ASA webinar was a huge triumph, with an exceptional level of audience engagement and participation. The updated presentation deck not only aligned with the requirements set out by the CNO, but it also complemented the storyline, effectively captivating the participants throughout the event. Interactive polls and a promo video boosted participation and enhanced the virtual experience. The set of three LinkedIn posts, email invitations, and the blog post we prepared discussing the objectives and outcomes of the project played a pivotal role in raising awareness of the event and keeping the target audience well-informed and prepared. Collaboratively, Health Carousel and Conway Marketing Group demonstrated an unwavering commitment to attaining the set objectives and showcased our ability to deliver top-notch results.

The Client

Health Carousel is a staffing and workforce solutions company that focuses on providing healthcare workforce services. They offer staffing, advisory services, and technology solutions to healthcare organizations. They aim to help healthcare companies maximize their workforce potential and provide quality care to their patients. Health Carousel also provides career opportunities and support for healthcare professionals.

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