Grand Opening Airport Billboard Video For Next Move

The Challenge

Conway Marketing Group was given the responsibility of producing a dynamic seven second video for the Airport Grand Opening event. The main goal was to create a concise yet engaging overview that would captivate the attendees. On February 28, 2023, the New Terminal at Kansas City International Airport welcomed its first travelers. Seizing this momentous occasion, Next Move Healthcare aimed to introduce its brand through an immersive digital billboard. To achieve this, CMG was approached to develop and bring to life a 7-second video that would effectively engage both the target audience attending the Airport Grand Opening and those visiting the airport.

What We Delivered

The following steps were taken to deliver a compelling billboard video:

a) High-Level Overview: CMG developed a concise yet impactful 7-second video that would capture the attention of clinicians and partners attending the event. The video aimed to convey the essence of Next Move Healthcare and its relevance to the target audience within the limited timeframe.

b) Visual Development: CMG crafted a visually appealing storyboard that aligned with Next Move Healthcare’s brand identity. By utilizing the right combination of visuals, typography, and messaging, CMG ensured that the billboard video effectively communicated Next Move Healthcare’s value proposition.

c) Debut at Grand Opening: The digital billboard, featuring CMG’s meticulously designed video, made its debut at the Kansas City International Airport Grand Opening. The placement and timing of the billboard were strategically chosen to maximize exposure and engagement with the event attendees and ongoing airport visitors

The Results

The collaboration between CMG and Next Move Healthcare yielded positive results and made a significant impact at the Airport Grand Opening event. Through the digital billboard, Next Move Healthcare showcased the company’s unique value proposition, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. By debuting the billboard video at the Airport Grand Opening, Next Move Healthcare demonstrated its commitment to being at the forefront of the healthcare industry. The company’s presence at such a significant event enhanced its reputation and positioned it as a leading player in the market.

Through our collaboration with Next Move Healthcare for the Airport Grand Opening billboard videography project showcased the agency’s ability to deliver impactful visual content. By creating a concise and engaging 7-second video, CMG effectively captured the attention of attendees at the event. The strategic placement of the digital billboard at the Kansas City International Airport further amplified Next Move Healthcare’s brand introduction, making a lasting impression on the audience. Through its contribution to this project, CMG demonstrated its commitment to helping clients achieve their marketing objectives and leave a mark in their respective industries.

The Client

Next Move Healthcare is a leading provider of clinical talent to hospitals, healthcare systems, physician groups and other healthcare employers nationwide. They do this through their wholly-owned subsidiaries Next Move, Inc., which provides premier travel nurse and allied healthcare talent, and Prime Surgical Associates, which provides world-class surgical staffing services. A clinician-first, clinician-led staffing company, Next Move Healthcare is dedicated to a seamless, exceptional experience for providers and a “raving fan” experience for talent.

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