Revamping Avantas’ Messaging Strategy

The Challenge

Avantas, the premier workforce strategy partner for healthcare organizations, delivers innovative scheduling technology, analytics, managed solutions, and consulting services. Our healthcare brand marketing agency facilitated an internal focus group to test and validate Avantas’ messaging.

What We Delivered

Our research team collaborated with Avantas to execute a qualitative research project. Collectively working with the accounts team, CMG explored the client’s pain points, concept perceptions, and shared experiences to collect qualitative data through an online discussion panel. CMG clarified and validated messaging from this segmented audience and provided actionable insights on key drivers, competitors, and purchasing methodologies.

The Results

As a result, the website content was updated to reflect new customer-centric language as opposed to product-centric language. Additionally, support and consultation discussion outcomes were used to inform new talking points for the sales team.

The Client

Avantas, a division of AMN Healthcare Services, Inc., is a leading provider of clinical labor management services, workforce consulting, data analytics, and SaaS scheduling technology. Avantas helps clients plan through clinical workforce management to reduce costs and help with patient workforce demand requirements. Avantas provides one of the nation’s technologically driven workforce solutions for workforce scheduling.

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