In-House, Freelance, or Agency: What does my business need?

Jun 28, 2021 | Trends

The widespread disruption in the past year has meant something different for everyone, but for businesses, the need to tap into their agility was clear. Still, uncertainty left most ill-equipped to know how and where to make adjustments. Now, as the economy begins to rebound, brands need to be smart about their strategies and tactics if they want to reach an audience whose habits and preferences have shifted.

In a perfect world, your employee roster consists of dedicated in-house team members committed to bringing your vision seamlessly to life. But in the real world, businesses constantly juggle what can and should be outsourced—and to whom. Working with an external marketing partner compels businesses to think differently and position authentically to successfully deliver their brand promise.

The Match Game

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for companies looking to engage with consumers. Instead, there are different methods with different price points — and each with its pros and cons. Which is the right marketing solution for your business? In the time it takes you to finish your morning latte, we’ll dive into:

  • The brand familiarity of having an in-house marketing team
  • The project to project flexibility of working with a freelancer
  • The quality and efficiency of partnering with an agency

In-House Marketing Teams

A higher level of brand familiarity

Building an in-house team comes with the benefit of your employees being fully immersed in your brand. They will naturally have a higher level of brand familiarity and understand why you exist on a deeper level compared to any external support. Establishing an in-house or internal creative team also equates to employees who know the brand and products best, saving the trouble of briefing someone else on the project. However, companies with in-house creatives may run into problems alleviating bandwidth issues. It all depends on the budget and could mean that the team does not have all the necessary capabilities to execute efficiently.

It’s costly to have an in-house marketing team. When you’re hiring in-house, you also have to factor in the turnover cost when an employee leaves after you’ve spent time and money training them and paying their salaries and benefits. The impact of turnover is more than just replacing the employee. It also causes delays in project completion that can be incredibly costly. Further, an internal team’s finite time and resources do not allow for the production and execution of marketing at a large scale.


Cost-Effective Project to Project Flexibility

Freelancers are a growing part of the workforce. Yahoo Finance recently reported, more than 45% of businesses have increased their investments in freelance talent since COVID-19. The bigger the companies, the more likely they are to tap into freelance talent. Freelancers are often available at exceptionally short notice to fulfill a sudden demand that your in-house team may not be capable of meeting. Additionally, freelancers tend to be specialists in their respective fields and occasionally are adept at niche tasks. Often, these freelancers can offer a service that simply no one in your organization can provide.

However, freelancers thrive on concrete assignments, not a strategy. Most freelancers are typically far removed from an intimate understanding of a company and its products, goals, and target audience. This means they are best suited to projects with clear, finite instructions. Despite the traditional notion of freelancers being a cheaper option, costs can eventually add up. Much like the in-house marketing team, freelancers typically focus on a specific area of marketing, resulting in assembling a team of freelance writers. This minimizes the effectiveness of using a freelancer if a large amount of oversight is required.


Quality and Efficiency with A Price

Due to technology evolving at full tilt, having all the skills you might need in one place is becoming more and more unlikely. According to CareerBuilder, 50% of human resource managers say they currently have open positions for which they cannot find qualified candidates. With an agency, you not only get access to talented staff who can do the work, but you’ll have access to the insights of expert talent. From copywriters and art directors to digital and brand strategists, businesses can benefit from having one single point of contact to manage all resources, from strategy to execution.

When considering an agency, they must have a broad knowledge of what style and strategy works for your given industry. With expertise and agility combined, an agency can help improve efficiency, improve outcomes, and ultimately allow companies to focus on their core business. When you hire a marketing agency, you are also hiring an already trained team that lives and breathes the industry.

Investing in the Best of Both Worlds

Before selecting your next marketing partner, you should first consider your company’s goals, structure, and internal resources. Optimize what you have first. Scale second. Partnering with an agency will allow you to take advantage of the opportunities on the horizon. An agency comes with a pre-assembled team of diversified talent to fit any and all needs.

Conway Marketing Group has expertise in every facet of marketing, from developing a strategy to executing digital campaigns, from designing logos to customer research. Reach out to our team to discover how we can help your business save time, money, strengthen your brand and deliver more sales and revenue.

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