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Optimize your outbound marketing efforts with a strategic digital advertising strategy

For many companies, the initial focus is inbound marketing and producing content that drives potential leads and customers to your website. While this is obviously paramount, a strategic digital-advertising strategy can supplement your inbound efforts and help you reach your target audience in an immediate and direct way.

Why is Digital Advertising Effective?

With the exception of perhaps major news coverage or a national television ad, digital advertising represents perhaps the single best way to immediately increase traffic to your website. And while it does cost money, digital advertising is cheap compared to traditional advertising mediums, is extremely scaleable, and can be done strategically and targeted. There are a number of different options when it comes to digital advertising, so let our marketing agency help you navigate this space.

Search Engine Advertising

Search engines, including Google, are where everyone goes for their information. While we can’t overstate the importance of search engine optimization to affect organic rankings, most companies (including newly established and those in competitive industries) can benefit from buying search engine advertising for important branded and unbranded keywords. Search ads are extremely scalable, meaning you can get started with a small initial investment. Let our agency put together a search engine advertising plan for you.

Display Advertising

Display advertisements are the image ads you see all around the internet. Think social media style ads but on millions of other websites that people are going to on a daily basis. Display ads can be various sizes and made responsive to work on all devices. Display ads can also be dynamic. For example, tailoring an ad for specific shoes to someone who visited a shoe product page. Additionally, display advertising can be served to internet users in an extremely strategic and targeted way. Whether by interest, location, or demographic, there are hundreds of ways to put the right ads in front of the right people.  

Social Media Advertising

One of the most popular forms of digital advertising is social media advertising. Applying the same concepts as display advertising, social media advertising puts your brand and messaging front and center in a potential customer’s feed. Social media advertising can be highly targeted and strategic and uses data and information from the social media channel to deliver the best ads.

Specific Website Advertising

Perhaps your brand wants to get hyper-focused. If you think programmatic digital advertising might be missing the mark, our agency can work with you to find specific websites that match your advertising objectives. Perhaps there is a specific blog or media outlet where your customers are getting their news. Let’s target those websites for your ads.

Video Advertising

Video is extremely engaging. From reels and stories to YouTube videos and in app media, this form of advertising is very versatile and can be placed in a number of platforms. Because Google owns YouTube, the google advertising platform is a great place to strategically put your company’s video content and the ease of the meta advertising platform makes it a top pick as well. But video doesn’t have to stop there. Let our team determine the best audiences and locations to target your video ads to maximize return.

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