Social Media Management

Organic and Paid Social Media Strategies

Is social media a task you just can’t seem to get right or don’t have the time for? From organic content plans that keep your brand at the top of your customers’ feeds to paid campaigns that deliver impressions and drive clicks, our agency has you covered when it comes to social media.

The Challenge of Social Media

Nine out of 10 consumers will buy from brands they follow on social media, and 86% will choose that brand over a competitor – Sprout Social. By this point, you probably know that social media is important, but for some reason, it always gets kicked to the bottom of your to-do list. You’re not alone. Social can be hard for small businesses. While it only takes a few seconds to hit “post,” it’s time-consuming and requires constant planning, writing, monitoring, and graphic creation. Let our agency take this off your plate with a social media strategy your brand can be proud of.

Organic Social Media Strategies

If you’ve struggled to get the basics in place, our digital agency can help. From a brand competitor, and industry audit; to setting up accounts to get you in the social media game; to getting a consistent posting cadence in place, we can deploy a complete social media strategy for your brand. Our organic social media efforts include:

  • Social media audits of your brand, competitors, and industry
  • Social media strategy and plan recommendations
  • Monthly content creation and post scheduling
  • Graphic support
  • Audience engagement

Important Social Media Channels


The most professional-focused social media channel and where many of the decision-makers are going to get their industry news and updates.


Owned by Meta, it’s still the top platform by daily users, and demographics of all kinds are logging in. Advertising on Facebook can also be extremely strategic and cost-effective.

X (Twitter)

An extremely timely and news-driven platform where much of the world’s breaking news, conversations, and trends are established and happening.


Competing with Facebook for the top spot and owned by search king Google, its videos are often prioritized in search results, and how many people find tutorials and advice.


A visually focused platform ideal for showing off product shots, short reels, and even live videos, Instagram has climbed the ranks quickly. It is also owned by Meta and uses its extremely strategic ad platform.


There are many other social channels out there, including Meta’s Threads, Q&A-based Quora, Reddit for discussions, Tik Tok for short videos, or WhatsApp for customer service. Let us help you navigate the options.

Other Social Media Services

There are many other things a brand can do with social media beyond just scheduling posts. Our digital agency wants to help you put a plan together and can assist or provide consultations with the following social initiatives:

  • Platform set up or help to recover accounts that may have been neglected or set up improperly
  • Influencer outreach strategy and planning
  • Customer service integration and planning
  • Aesthetic and branding – ensuring your social channels represent your brand

Delivering Social Media Results For Our Clients

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