Elevating Visibility with Strategic SEO Implementation

The Challenge

Curemetrix, a healthcare tech corporation, wanted to improve its website’s search engine rankings and increase online visibility to attract more leads and potential customers. They recognized that their website lacked important SEO components, which produced poor search engine rankings and traffic. As a result, Curemetrix called upon our healthcare marketing agency to implement an array of SEO strategies aimed at elevating their Google search engine rankings.

What We Delivered

Our team implemented several SEO strategies on behalf of our client, and the list of these strategies is presented below:

  • Updated site display package (PHP) and WordPress: The latest version of PHP and WordPress were installed on Curemetrix’s site to ensure that their website is running on an updated and secure platform.
  • Implemented meta descriptions, title tags, and keywords (none existed): Meta descriptions and title tags were added to each webpage to provide more information about the content of the page to search engine crawlers. Appropriate keywords were also added to each page to improve their relevance in search results.
  • Implemented Yoast Plug-in to enable SEO for WP site: Yoast was installed as a plugin in WordPress to make it easier for the Curemetrix team to manage SEO for their website. Yoast provides tools to optimize title tags, meta descriptions, and content for search engines by providing a page analysis.
  • Resized Images – Improved page load speed: The site had large images that slowed down the page load time—the images were optimized to a smaller size for faster loading and a better user experience.
  • Enabled site cornerstone content (did not exist previously): Site cornerstone content was added for each of their products to improve the relevancy of their web content and make it easier for Google to index their website.
  • Added sitemap: A sitemap was created to help search engine crawlers find all of the pages on their website efficiently. 
  • Added social links (SEO ranking & Traffic): Social media links were added to Curemetrix’s website to drive traffic to their social media profiles.
  • Setup Google Search Console: Google Search Console was set up to analyze and monitor keyword ranking metrics, find crawl errors, and notify any technical issues with the website to improve and optimize the rankings.
  • Updated the contact us page (fix map & broken images); build out forms for routing: Our team improved the contact page by fixing the map and adding forms to route inquiries to the correct department. 
  • Enabled crawl robots for Google and Bing (so Google is aware the pages exist to rank): Robots.txt file was modified to allow Google and Bing to crawl the website, making them aware of all website pages for ranking.
  • Implemented Contact Forms: Contact forms were added to the website to improve user engagement.

The Results

Curemetrix observed impressive enhancements in their search engine rankings and online visibility after executing these SEO strategies. The outcome was truly remarkable – within a span of approximately two months, their overall website SEO score witnessed a remarkable improvement of 72 points out of 100 according to popular SEO tools. Their website’s load time was reduced, which enhanced the user experience. The implementation of these strategies led to higher keyword rankings, contributing to a surge in organic search traffic, and improved their ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Consequently, the website experienced a substantial increase in web traffic and lead generation. In conclusion, Curemetrix’s goal of boosting its search engine visibility was successfully accomplished, and implementing SEO strategies played a crucial role in meeting the organization’s digital goals.

The Client

Curemetrix is a healthcare technology company that focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for medical image analysis. Their products are designed to assist healthcare providers in detecting cancer, such as breast cancer, as well as improve clinical workflows, which enables healthcare providers to provide better patient care.

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