Tailored Social Media Strategy for Awareness, Engagement, and Growth

The Challenge

Thaxton Leadership, one of America’s leading interim healthcare staffing firms, recognized the importance of creating purposeful messaging on their social media channels. They sought to develop a social media strategy that consistently applied their brand voice, targeted a specific audience, and release content at the optimal times in the right channels to increase brand awareness, engagement, website traffic, and follower counts.

What We Delivered

To address the challenge, our healthcare marketing agency developed a social media strategy that started with conducting a comprehensive social media audit for Thaxton’s peers and competitors. This allowed us to identify gaps in their messaging and tailor a strategy that would speak directly to their audience’s needs.

We ensured consistency in Thaxton’s messaging by building a tailored strategy for increased follower count, website traffic, and brand awareness that was in line with their overall goals and objectives. Additionally, we developed a profile optimization strategy that included branded graphics that portrayed a consistent brand message.

To address content creation, we build a monthly social media content calendar that included branded graphics and utilized Thaxton’s whitepapers for content starters and develop themes to build out a calendar and posts. We identified scheduling options for automated publishing, ensuring that the content is delivered at the right times on the relevant platforms.

The Results

With our tailored social media strategy, Thaxton Leadership’s social media platforms consistently delivered high-value, impactful messaging that spoke to their audience’s needs. The optimized profiles and branded graphics improved overall brand awareness, resulting in an increase in follower count and website traffic. The automated publishing schedule allowed for consistent content delivery at the right times, resulting in increased engagement.

The Client

Thaxton is a prominent provider of interim nurse leadership services that specializes in filling challenging management positions at all levels. With an experienced database of interim nurse leaders, Thaxton offers unparalleled expertise in various leadership levels. Their area of specialization covers a wide range of management and leadership in nursing departments for acute care hospitals, outpatient services, long-term care, and home health.

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