Video Rebranding for Oncology Solutions Provider

The Challenge

CureMatch aimed to rebrand the Bionov video to showcase their precision oncology solutions. Their objective was to produce a video that embodies CureMatch’s core values, technology, and solutions, expunging any reference to Bionov and Servier. The primary challenge was to develop a visually pleasing and captivating video that adequately communicates CureMatch’s unique differentiators and advantages, while adhering to their brand guidelines and voice. Additionally, another hurdle was to seamlessly eliminate the Bionov logo and text, as well as Servier, without interfering with the original video’s flow and storyline.

What We Delivered

Our healthcare marketing agency provided a comprehensive solution that involved the following steps:

Step 1: Review and analysis: We conducted a thorough review and analysis of the Bionov video, including the narrative, messaging, visuals, music, and branding elements, to identify areas that needed improvement or modification.

Step 2: Rebranding: We strategically replaced the Bionov logo and text, and Servier, with CureMatch branding where applicable, and updated the colors and graphics to match CureMatch’s brand guidelines. We also cut unnecessary content and created a shorter, more impactful video that effectively communicates CureMatch’s value proposition.

The Results

Our marketing agency successfully executed the Bionov video rebranding project and delivered a high-quality, CureMatch-branded video that effectively communicates their precision oncology solutions. The video successfully promotes CureMatch’s core values and differentiators while adhering to their brand guidelines and voice. CureMatch was delighted with the results and provided positive feedback on the quality of work and our efficient project management approach. The rebranded video has been a valuable asset for CureMatch in their marketing and promotional efforts.

The Client

CureMatch, Inc. is a digital healthcare organization based in San Diego, with expertise in personalized medicine and combination therapy for oncology. They have developed a leading-edge Decision Support System that helps healthcare professionals in selecting specific cancer drug treatments that are customized to meet the unique molecular tumor profile of each patient. CureMatch offers actionable intelligence in advanced cancer treatment options, empowering oncologists to become proficient in personalized medicine.

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