Why You Should Hire an Agency for Healthcare Branding

Dec 23, 2022 | Branding, Healthcare, Strategy

Your healthcare organization offers compassionate care, exceptional services, and other perks consumers won’t find elsewhere. Many times organizations miss the mark in getting their brand message in front of the right audience. Fortunately, partnering with an agency for healthcare branding can help. 

What You Get with a Branding Agency for Healthcare

1. Healthcare Industry Insights and Expertise

A branding agency for healthcare has industry professionals on staff who understand why consumers engage with the top brands. They recognize that more consumers than ever before look to healthcare providers for online health reviews and other resources. And they help these providers brand accordingly. 

Initially, a branding agency learns about a healthcare organization and identifies its key differentiators. It accounts for the organization’s chief rivals and its current position within the entire healthcare market. With this knowledge, the agency can offer personalized branding recommendations and a custom brand strategy that helps the organization grow and thrive. 

A branding agency also has in-depth knowledge of the challenges that healthcare organizations face, including: 

HIPAA Compliance Issues 

A branding agency understands the 18 HIPAA Identifiers for personally identifiable information (PII). The agency develops all of a healthcare organization’s branding and marketing materials with HIPAA requirements top of mind. To do so, the agency looks for branding and marketing solutions that make sure all of an organization’s consumer data is shared or utilized in a HIPAA-compliant manner, at all times. This allows the organization to simultaneously use its branding and marketing materials to engage with consumers and protect its brand and reputation.

Consumer Skepticism

Research suggests the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way consumers view healthcare. Prior to the pandemic, consumers may have been more inclined to take doctors and other medical professionals at their word. Now, consumers are increasingly skeptical about the medical treatments they choose and the healthcare products and services they buy. They value transparency more than ever before, too. Thus, if a healthcare organization produces branding and marketing content that is unclear, it will struggle to foster customer trust and loyalty.

Limited Budgets

Healthcare branding and marketing budgets rose in 2021, but this trend is unlikely to continue. Many hospitals and health systems are facing financial hardships, due in part to the rising cost of labor and an increasing shortage of healthcare professionals. This means branding and marketing funds for healthcare organizations may decline in the foreseeable future. It also puts more impetus on these organizations to find ways to get the most value out of their branding and marketing spend. 

A branding agency for healthcare cannot change the fact that these challenges exist. But its skilled and experienced professionals know the ins and outs of the challenges of branding and marketing for healthcare. These professionals can provide insights into healthcare branding and marketing that people won’t find at a “one-stop-shop” agency. From here, they can help an organization level up its healthcare branding and marketing strategy to effectively allocate its marketing spend on what matters most to their buyers. 

2. Clear Understanding of the Patient Journey

The patient journey begins the moment an individual decides to seek help from a healthcare organization. A person may search online for a healthcare provider, examine patent reviews, and decide whether to move forward with it. If a healthcare provider instills confidence, a patient can engage with the organization and start to build its relationship. 

With help from a branding agency for healthcare, an organization can make itself more searchable and relatable than ever before. A healthcare brand agency understands the patient journey and how an individual comes across an organization online. They can identify ways to make it easy for a patient to find a healthcare organization, see all it has to offer, and choose it over all other options. 

Along with making sure a healthcare organization is searchable, a branding agency produces content that showcases its industry expertise and experience. This can include:

  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • eBooks
  • Social media content

In addition, a healthcare branding agency can make the patient journey as seamless as possible. The agency prioritizes the patient experience, ensuring people will have no trouble navigating a healthcare provider’s website. That way, online visitors can instantly get in touch with a healthcare organization, regardless of where they’re located or the device they’re using. 

3. Brand Identity Development, Management, and Support

The best healthcare brands stand out as industry leaders. Consumers understand what these brands provide, along with their mission, goals, and values. Many continue to follow and support these brands, to the point where they advocate for them. 

By partnering with a branding agency for healthcare, an organization can fine-tune its brand vision. The organization can work with healthcare branding professionals who can produce content in alignment with its mission, goals, and values. This helps the organization establish a brand identity that resonates with its target audience. 

Along with brand identity development, a branding agency helps with brand management and support. Agency professionals utilize data from a variety of sources to understand how a healthcare organization compares to its rivals. They deliver the right digital solutions to help you capture your audience. To measure success and make improvements, the agency partner will prepare and analyze reports to identify ways to further distinguish this organization from the competition. And they help the organization do what’s necessary to continuously cement itself as an industry leader and drive brand loyalty. 

Ready to Get Started with a Healthcare Branding Agency?

Conway Marketing Group is more than just an average branding agency for healthcare. We offer branding services tailored to achieve results in healthcare organizations across a wide range of specialties. To learn more, get in touch with us today

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