10 Reasons Your Business Needs Outside Public Relations Help

Sep 20, 2023 | Public Relations, Strategy

Let’s talk about the compelling reasons why you absolutely cannot afford to overlook the benefits of outsourcing your PR efforts. Public relations, or PR for short, is all about the relationships your company forms with key publics or stakeholder groups and is a key component of your company’s marketing game. It helps build your brand reputation, connects you with your different target audiences, and boosts your visibility in the market. 

But here’s the thing: even though the need for good PR is stronger than ever, more and more companies are choosing to outsource their PR responsibilities. In this blog post, we’re going to dig into ten reasons why companies get outside public relations help and why it might just be the right move for your business.

1) Outside Public Relations Help Can Be More Cost-Effective

Outsourcing public relations can be a great, cost-effective option compared to hiring in-house staff. PR and marketing agencies have the resources, experience, and expertise to handle tasks efficiently with rates that may be lower than hiring a full-time, in-house team member. This setup allows you to ramp up public relations efforts during a busy period or an important campaign push and cut back when the focus shifts to other areas. It’s a way to save on overhead costs associated with staff recruitment and training while still getting the same level of expertise as an in-house team. We’ll touch on some of the more specific ways outside PR help can save money below.

2) An Agency Gives You Access to Multiple PR Areas of Expertise

When you outsource PR, you get access to a team of experts who specialize in your field and the area of public relations expertise you need at the moment to achieve the best possible results for your business. Perhaps you need crisis communications one quarter and then want to shift focus to media relations efforts the next during a big campaign. The great thing about PR outsourcing is that you can tap into industry-specific knowledge and market insights from experienced professionals. A PR agency often has access to multiple PR professionals who have different strengths and experience. It’s a strategic approach that maximizes the use of expertise and improves your business outcomes.

3) Access To Costly, Top-Level Public Relations Tools

When you let professional marketing agencies handle your public relations operations, it gives you access to advanced tools that may be cost-prohibitive for a single business. These tools may include news wire distribution services, bulk press release packages, and advanced media contact databases, among others. Because an agency is using these tools for multiple accounts, they are able to disperse the cost of industry-leading public relations tools across multiple brands while providing all of the advantages to each client.

4) A Public Relations Agency Provides Increased Flexibility and Scalability

Outsourcing your PR gives you the flexibility to customize services based on your needs and allocate resources accordingly. It also allows for quick scalability to meet changing demands. With an agency, you can put your budget into PR services for a period of time and cut back when it’s not needed in a way not possible with an in-house team. This flexibility enables efficient resource allocation, saving time and costs, and removes the burden and stress of having to make an in-house hire if you’re not sure of the position’s long-term necessity. Many outsourced PR services are designed to be flexible, so companies can easily adjust their services as needed. This enables businesses to swiftly and efficiently adapt their PR strategies in response to market changes.

5) A Public Relations Agency Provides a Fresh, Creative Perspective

Internal marketing teams are the experts in their brands; there’s no doubt about that. But being so close to your brand messaging on a day-in and day-out basis can cause you to overlook certain creative ideas and strategies. One of the most common reasons that brands hire an agency for any service line is that they offer fresh perspectives and new creative ideas that an internal team may have missed. At Conway Marketing Group, when we collaborate with people from different backgrounds and experiences, it often leads to the emergence of innovative and original ideas. These unique insights can help us achieve our goals faster. By welcoming new team members and their contributions, we can tap into a wealth of creativity and unlock untapped potential.

6) A Public Relations Agency Has Advanced Media Relationships

One of the most commonly used public relations services is media relations and pitching. Media relations is the concept of getting journalists and others with a large exposure to discuss your brand in a favorable light in their publication or medium. Placements in top-tier publications offer credibility and value that paid advertising simply can’t match. With a public relations agency, you can tap into professionals who work with the media on a daily basis and have formed a relationship that journalists trust. These professionals know the ins and outs of pitching media and understand the type of stories that the media wants to include in their non-advertising content. Without this relationship, you’ll blend in with the thousands of other companies that pitch the media on a daily basis looking for exposure.

7) Access A Global Network of PR Resources

Outsourcing PR provides businesses with a global network to reach customers worldwide. It’s like having a team of PR experts working around the clock to spread your company’s message to a wider audience. Because agencies work with many brands, they often have contacts, including PR professionals and journalists in other areas beyond where your business operates. This boosts brand awareness, which ultimately leads to more sales and profits. Plus, it allows you to tap into specialized expertise, streamline processes, and stay ahead of market changes.

8) With a PR Agency, You Can Focus On Your Core Strengths

When businesses outsource PR, they can focus on what they do best and leave the publicity work to the professionals. This means companies can put their efforts and resources into important goals like product launches and campaigns instead of dealing with the nitty-gritty of managing an in-house PR team.

9) Public Relations Agencies Can Provide Faster Results

Get faster results with outsourcing PR. In-house teams have a lot on their plate. When a new initiative or campaign becomes a priority, an agency provides a team of professionals who can spread your message quickly, going beyond what an internal team can do. By using outsourced PR services, businesses can access the latest tech, tools, and strategies for superior outcomes. This helps you stay on top of emerging trends, create better campaigns, and achieve tangible results faster and more efficiently.

10) You’ll Get Enhanced Control With A PR Agency

Outsourcing PR offers companies a boost in control. You get to call the shots on campaigns and messaging, specifying services and delivery methods with less pushback than an internal hire. This way, you maintain your brand’s integrity while tapping into the expertise of outsourced PR. It’s all about optimizing your marketing efforts, strengthening your brand presence, and achieving remarkable results in a dynamic, competitive landscape.

Conway Marketing Group’s Collaborative Approach with PR Clients

Outsourcing your PR to Conway Marketing Group can bring a ton of benefits to companies of all sizes. You’ll get access to their expertise and experience, save on costs, and manage your time better. Plus, partnering with Conway Marketing Group means you can stay in the loop with the latest trends, understand the market better, and reach new audiences. By letting Conway Marketing Group handle your PR, you can focus on what you do best and achieve your business goals. We offer a wide range of PR services, including:

  • Brand exposure through earned media: Earned media is all about getting your brand out there. It’s like having a team of cheerleaders, with media, organizations, and influencers endorsing you. It’s the perfect complement to marketing efforts, helping you build trust and relationships while reaching decision-makers and consumers effectively.
  • Influencer & Media-list building: Finding influencers and building media lists might seem overwhelming, but it’s super important to connect with the right audience. Our advanced technologies make it easier to narrow down potential influencers and journalists based on demographics, interests, and social affiliations. This way, companies can find the perfect contacts to pitch their stories.
  • Press Releases: Press releases are a super-important tool to keep the public and media in the loop about company updates and upcoming events. We create engaging stories using data, quotes, and visuals to grab attention and get your company’s message across. With our PR services, companies can make sure their press releases stand out and catch journalists’ attention in the midst of all the noise.
  • Media Training and Crisis Communication Toolkits: At Conway Marketing Group, we provide media training and crisis communication toolkits to help companies effectively handle unexpected crises. Our training equips you with the communication skills needed to develop strategies that minimize damage. Plus, our PR crisis communication toolkits provide a contingency plan for emergency situations. 
  • Interview Prep: Preparing for media interviews can be daunting, but our agency specializes in interview preparation services for companies. We offer mock interviews, comprehensive feedback, and remediation strategies to ensure that interviewees are fully prepared and confident for the real thing.
  • Pitching: To pitch successfully, you have to create a compelling narrative that aligns with the journalist’s interests and resonates with the target audience. Our agency excels in crafting engaging pitches by analyzing journalists’ past work to pinpoint their preferences. This allows us to effectively pitch stories, press releases, experts, case studies, infographics, and byline contributions.

Real Results for Outsourced PR

SkillGigs partnered with Conway Marketing Group to enhance our public relations efforts and establish a thought leadership strategy for our executive team. Together, we developed a comprehensive editorial and PR calendar, aligning tactics with major announcements and business focus areas. Our public relations manager created a SkillGigs PR toolkit, including talking points and a media list, and actively engaged with media contacts. Simultaneously, we collaborated on a thought leadership strategy, crafting op-eds and articles to pitch to editors. This generated anticipation and attention for our new platform experience, which launched in March 2023. Our efforts resulted in SkillGigs leaders landing bylines in influential publications and broad trade media coverage for the re-platforming announcement. Furthermore, our thought leadership strategy sustained a consistent flow of quality articles, supporting the CEO’s Forbes Council contributor membership. 

Conway Marketing Group was honored with the prestigious Netty Awards in September 2023 for the Best Press Release on Skillgigs – New Talent Marketplace Launch. Our close collaboration with SkillGigs’ marketing and product team lead allowed us to concisely summarize the enhanced offerings of SkillGigs and effectively announce the re-platforming in early 2023. This proud achievement highlights our unwavering commitment to excellence in serving our clients. To learn more about our collaborative PR efforts, read the full case study.

Outsource Your PR for Powerful Brand Exposure and Success

If you’re looking to boost your message, consider outsourcing your PR. Our team of experts is here to help you create a powerful PR strategy that truly showcases your brand. We’re dedicated to helping our clients stand out from the competition and establish their brands. Let’s collaborate to create an effective PR strategy that propels your business toward its goals. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to outsource your PR needs – reach out and let us know what you’re looking for – we can’t wait to get started. Contact us today. 

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