CureMatch, Inc. is a digital health firm that specializes in personalized medicine and combination therapy for oncology. They have developed an innovative decision support system that assists medical professionals in selecting tailored cancer drug treatments based on each patient’s unique molecular tumor profile. By providing valuable, actionable intelligence in advanced cancer treatment options, CureMatch empowers oncologists to become experts in personalized medicine.

Direct-To-Consumer CureMatch Gift Campaign

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Enhancing CureMatch’s Digital Advertising Success

The Challenge

CureMatch faced two major obstacles when it embarked on its initial direct-to-consumer (DTC) campaign. First, the steep pricing of its products proved to be a deterrent for potential customers. Second, patients were apprehensive about healthcare costs not covered by insurance. Moreover, there was a pressing need for patients to grasp the significance of their physician’s involvement and the Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) testing requirements necessary for being “CureMatched.” Overcoming these challenges required not only addressing cost concerns but also educating patients about the personalized and effective nature of CureMatch’s services, ensuring they understood the value proposition beyond financial considerations.


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What We Delivered

  • Direct-to-Consumer Campaign Strategy: Conway Marketing Group was enlisted to craft a compelling direct-to-consumer campaign, with the primary objective of elucidating the advantages and motivations behind purchasing the Gift of CureMatch.

  • Messaging Development and Creative Assets: Our team meticulously developed messaging strategies and created engaging creative assets tailored to promote digital gift cards for CureMatch reports, while effectively addressing common pain points and streamlining the purchasing process.

  • Educational Outreach and Awareness: Through the DTC campaign, our aim was to ensure both patients and healthcare providers comprehended the intricacies and prerequisites involved in undergoing the process of being “CureMatched,” thus fostering deeper understanding and appreciation for the service.

  • Brand Strategy and Messaging Optimization: In order to optimize campaign effectiveness, we conducted 3-4 internal stakeholder interviews to gain valuable insights into the patient journey and identify key pain points to be addressed in our messaging strategy.

  • Custom Targeted Social Media Campaign: We devised a custom-targeted social media ad strategy, specifically targeting platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By defining a tailored ad audience and recommending appropriate ad spending, we aimed to maximize campaign reach and engagement metrics.

  • Tailored Landing Pages and Call-to-Action: Our team designed two custom landing pages, each targeting distinct consumer and clinician segments, featuring diverse communications to encourage various call-to-action selections.

  • Supplemental Materials and Leave-Behinds: To bolster campaign effectiveness, we provided printable one-pagers and digital leave-behinds, serving as supplementary materials to further educate and engage our target audience.

  • Lead Conversion through Email Campaign: An email campaign was employed to nurture leads and increase campaign awareness, aiming to drive lead conversion and encourage active participation in the CureMatch initiative.


The Results

The DTC campaign delivered excellent brand visibility and a significant boost in lead conversion rates. Our custom-targeted social media ads and landing pages with multiple call-to-action options successfully engaged both consumers and clinicians. The email campaign also played a crucial role in nurturing leads and raising campaign awareness. Our strategic and integrated marketing approach surpassed CureMatch’s expectations, thanks to the expertise and dedication of our team. This resulted in a higher ROI for CureMatch, which is a testament to the effectiveness of our approach.




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