Healthfully is a HealthTech SaaS company committed to providing healthcare, corporations, and community organizations with digital health solutions that deliver the best experience to their patients and communities. They provide a white-label, comprehensive technology platform to engage and empower consumers on their health and wellness journey.

PPC & Social Media Digital Advertising Campaign

Leading Source of Form-Fill Submissions & Email List Growth

Digital Advertising For HealthTech Says

The Challenge

Our client, an emerging SaaS company with limited brand awareness in HealthTech, was looking to increase lead form submissions on its website. By amplifying these submissions, the company aimed to expand its network of contacts, empowering its sales teams to cultivate fruitful relationships with potential clients.

Navigating the complexities of a rapidly evolving industry, the client recognized the imperative of strategically enhancing its online presence to stand out amidst a crowded marketplace. Ultimately, the objective was to elevate brand visibility, attracting both prospective customers and industry experts to the website and facilitating valuable sales conversations through form fills for software consultations.


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What We Delivered

  • Client Collaboration: We prioritize ongoing communication and feedback integration with our clients. This ensures our strategies align with their objectives and expectations. Through regular review and input on campaign performance, we optimize for maximum effectiveness and client satisfaction.
  • Proactive Optimization and Split Testing: Implementing continuous optimizations across various facets including ad copy, keywords, device targeting, location, gender preferences, and audience segmentation to maximize campaign performance. Regularly monitoring bids to ensure optimal spend allocation and achieve the best possible return on investment.
  • Dynamic Ad Creation with Responsive Search Ads: Employing responsive search ads to dynamically adapt to user queries, enhancing relevance and driving higher engagement rates.
  • Strategic Negative Keyword Management: Adding negative keywords to refine targeting and prevent irrelevant clicks, thereby optimizing ad spend and improving campaign efficiency.
  • Informed Strategy Through Competitor Research: Conducting thorough competitor research to gain insights into market trends and refine campaign strategies for maximum competitive advantage.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis: Providing detailed weekly reports to track key performance metrics and inform data-driven decision-making, ensuring transparency and accountability in campaign management.

  • Conversion-Driven Landing Page Creation: Developing landing pages tailored to drive conversions, optimized for user experience and aligned with campaign objectives to maximize lead generation and sales.

  • Targeted Social Media Advertising: Launching display ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, utilizing precise targeting based on job titles and industry demographics to reach highly relevant audiences and drive engagement.

  • Audience Refinement and Retargeting: Utilizing retargeting strategies with return website visitors and lookalike audiences from existing customer lists to effectively reach and engage potential customers who have shown interest in the product or service.

  • Strategic Alignment of Search Advertising and Landing Pages: Aligning landing pages with Google search advertising strategy, ensuring seamless integration between ad messaging and landing page content to deliver a cohesive user experience and maximize conversion rates.


The Results

The implemented strategies led to a significant increase in lead form submissions, providing the client’s sales teams with a robust pool of contacts for outreach. Enhanced ad visibility and dynamic ad creation resulted in improved click-through rates and engagement, driving more traffic to the client’s website. Additionally, the refined targeting and strategic alignment of search advertising and landing pages led to higher conversion rates, ultimately translating into tangible business growth for the client.


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