2023 Healthcare Marketing Outlook

Aug 11, 2023 | Branding, Healthcare, Strategy, Trends

The healthcare industry is poised for yet another extraordinary year, reaffirming its status as the prevailing benchmark. This year holds immense promise for further advancements, propelling the industry to unprecedented heights. Patients now approach healthcare with a consumer-centric mindset, seeking personalized experiences and convenient journeys. This paradigm shift presents a challenge for healthcare marketers, who must adapt to evolving trends while safeguarding patient confidentiality in a data-driven world. In this blog post, we will explore the emerging trends in healthcare marketing and showcase how your organization can thrive in this dynamic landscape. Join us on this journey filled with insights and discoveries of the latest trends.

Personalized Healthcare Journeys

Today, patients have elevated expectations for personalized healthcare journeys and superior experiences. In this ever-changing landscape, healthcare marketers must adapt and thrive. Gone are the days when patients blindly relied on healthcare providers and insurance companies. Now, patients approach their healthcare decisions with the same level of scrutiny as they would when making significant purchases. They actively seek information, conduct research on procedures and medications, and engage in discussions with their healthcare providers armed with knowledge. This shift in patient behavior has created a higher demand for high-quality content. Healthcare organizations that rank well on search engine results pages are recognized for their exceptional content that addresses patient inquiries and provides valuable solutions.

Patient Personalization ROI

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Upgrade Your Practice’s Patient Experience: Patient Convenience Is A Must

The Covid-19 pandemic significantly accelerated the adoption of telehealth, revolutionizing the way patients receive medical care. With the growing recognition of its convenience, patients now value the ability to connect with healthcare providers remotely, bypassing the need to physically visit a clinic or hospital. This not only saves valuable time that would have been spent in waiting rooms but also offers a more accessible option for non-emergency care, especially for individuals with mobility limitations or those residing in remote areas. To further enhance patient convenience, it is worth considering the integration of new, informative website content. By seamlessly incorporating telehealth solutions into your website, patients can effortlessly access the information they need without the hassle of navigating through multiple pages or platforms. This streamlined approach not only empowers patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare but also promotes a more patient-centric experience, ultimately leading to improved overall satisfaction and engagement.

Adapt and Thrive: Top Three Strategies for 2023

In an ever-changing era where patients expect healthcare encounters to match the standards set by other industries, healthcare marketers must not only adapt but also embrace change to avoid falling behind. While navigating through regulations and privacy concerns that shape the healthcare landscape, forward-thinking organizations are discovering innovative methods to deliver personalized experiences that prioritize patient confidentiality. By leveraging cutting-edge marketing tactics and fostering a patient-centric approach, these organizations are revolutionizing the healthcare industry and redefining the way patients receive care. To achieve excellence in healthcare marketing, marketers should prioritize the implementation of these three pivotal strategies in 2023:

1) Prioritize Content to Improve Patient Experience and Engagement:

According to a survey, the majority of marketers (62%) have identified content as the most commonly used format for personalization.1 Improving brand perception requires enhancing the patient experience through engaging website content, a resource center, and informative fact sheets. Personalized marketing, such as tailored web content and emails, has become the preferred approach. Strategies like banner ads, call-out messages, and pop-ups are effective. A recent case study surveyed hospital executives to evaluate their use of online health tools. By creating captivating website content, our client gained new email contacts, engaged potential leads, and established thought leadership. Personalizing content based on preferences, browsing history, and interactions is crucial for meaningful connections, particularly in healthcare. Implementing personalized strategies can foster patient engagement, build trust, and improve outcomes.

2) Automate Patient Outreach Tactics:

Maximize operational efficiency and streamline processes by automating marketing tactics. In 2023, gain an edge by using data-driven marketing decisions based on comprehensive analytics. Leverage these insights to optimize strategies and achieve remarkable results in a dynamic digital landscape. Embrace technology to revolutionize your marketing approach and establish a competitive edge for your healthcare organization. Drive innovation and deliver exceptional value and care to patients. To gain further insights, we invite you to read our article that explores 5 Practical Examples of How Healthcare Organizations Can Take Advantage Of Marketing Automation. This article explores five captivating instances of marketing automation that elevate communication with patients, enhance operational efficiency, optimize lead nurturing, personalize patient experiences, and measure marketing efforts.

3) Optimize Short-Form Video Deployment:

Short-form videos continue to dominate as a prominent marketing trend for 2023, captivating audiences with their concise and engaging format. Explainer videos have a remarkable ability to captivate 96 percent of viewers, providing valuable insights into products and services.2 Leveraging the power of concise instructional videos and patient testimonials is especially effective in engaging audiences with short attention spans. For example, a skillfully crafted 7-second video can yield significant benefits, as demonstrated in this case study. Short videos can convey compelling messages across channels. Besides video development, repurposing options are plentiful: turn explainer videos into ads, share on social media for wider reach, create teasers or cut-down versions for previews, condense into impactful pre-rolls, use static web graphics, convert into blog posts or infographics. Adapt them into podcasts, share via targeted emails for effective communication, or enhance sales and investment decks with powerful content. Don’t let excuses hinder your reach to patients – embrace storytelling and visual content creation to make short videos stand out in the digital landscape.


By implementing these strategies, healthcare marketers can stay ahead and drive success in 2023. The healthcare marketing landscape is changing rapidly, with emerging trends that healthcare organizations must adapt to in order to thrive. Patients now expect a personalized and convenient healthcare experience, and it’s crucial for marketers to deliver. But how can you ensure effective budget allocation for a tailored healthcare marketing strategy? That’s where Conway Marketing Group comes in. We have the expertise and tools to help your organization navigate this dynamic landscape, whether it’s through engaging videos, automation marketing tactics, or a comprehensive content marketing plan. Reach out to us today to find out how we can assist your organization in 2023 and beyond.

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