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Palomar Insurance, a leading player in the insurance industry, distinguishes itself through a commitment to delivering innovative and tailored solutions to its clients. With a customer-centric approach, Palomar Insurance leverages its extensive expertise to provide comprehensive coverage across diverse sectors. Renowned for its reliability and personalized service, Palomar Insurance stands as a trusted partner, navigating the complexities of risk management for its clients.

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Elevating Palomar’s Brand to the Next Level

The Challenge

Entering the Nasdaq in 2020, Palomar Insurance confronted the dual pressure of increased stakes and responsibility amid global uncertainty. Communicating their expanding services to both a growing client base and a new audience of stockholders became a critical challenge, necessitating flawless execution.

Conway’s team, initially tasked with Palomar’s rebrand website, quickly recognized the broader potential to enhance Palomar’s brand story and omnichannel marketing strategy. This expanded collaboration encompassed public relations, search engine optimization, email marketing, and social media, reinforcing Palomar’s position in the market.


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What We Delivered

  • Strategic Partnership: Conway Marketing Group was engaged by Palomar to execute their objectives with speed and precision. Recognizing the demand for more than conventional agency services, Palomar sought a strategic partner aligned with their values to safeguard and enhance their brand.

  • Comprehensive Understanding & Alignment: Embracing the challenge, our team dedicated time to comprehensively understand our partner’s background, vision, and unique challenges. Initially tasked with the rebrand website, the collaboration swiftly evolved, encompassing an amplified brand narrative and an omnichannel marketing strategy.

  • Website Design: Our team delivered a new website and landing pages with early victories, instilling confidence in Palomar. Noteworthy achievements included 250,000 page views, 1,340 bot-answered questions, 2,319 web forms submitted, and over 40 website enhancements.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The website strategy integrated a robust SEO component, fortifying key pillar pages with comprehensive content. Research-driven content additions resulted in improved SERP rankings, particularly for critical insurance product offerings such as earthquake and flood insurance.

  • Brand Stewardship & Social Media Mastery:  Progressing beyond the website, the team developed a brand stewardship and social media program, elevating Palomar’s leadership position. This initiative garnered 76,584 impressions and 4,603 engagements across four social channels.

  • Collaborative Expansion: CMG played a pivotal role in expanding services. This collaborative relationship deepened through joint efforts in product launches and the design and development of an online portal.

  • Public Relations Triumphs: Our PR experts significantly bolstered Palomar’s industry prominence, securing 77 media mentions, 15 press releases, and noteworthy recognitions, including a mention in The Wall Street Journal and CFO of the Year Finalist in the San Diego Business Journal.

  • Email Marketing: Going beyond the website and PR strategy, Conway orchestrated impactful email marketing initiatives. A meticulously crafted marketing strategy aligned with Palomar’s vision, effectively addressing challenges, fostering brand loyalty, enhancing engagement, and elevating awareness among stakeholders.


The Results

Since embarking on a relationship with Conway Marketing Group, Palomar has doubled in size, achieved success in a difficult market and seen year-over-year increases in their holdings. Palomar’s website traffic has exploded since its launch, and it continues to flourish with new enhancements. Public relations efforts have secured their position in the market, and additional marketing efforts have landed deals in the boardroom. By partnering with Conway Marketing Group, Palomar leaped over their hurdles in the market and are on their way to achieving their grand vision, while increasing market value. They succeeded in communicating their new breadth and identity to both their expanded client base and stockholders.


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