FrictionlessMED is a healthcare consulting company that guides everything from healthcare technology curation to client acquisition and retention. A new player in the healthcare space, FrictionlessMED curates new technologies in the US for international clients needing transformative solutions to improve healthcare. 

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Brand Building For FrictionlessMED

The Challenge

 Dale Brown, Founder of FrictionlessMED, wanted to build a strong, cohesive, and consistent brand identity that would give potential clients a macro-level overview of what they did – accelerate the deployment of technology-based solutions to transform healthcare globally.

Conway Marketing Group partnered with Brown to strengthen the company’s brand identity to spark renewed interest among existing customers and garner the attention of those previously not engaged with his brand. In addition, strengthening its core values and messaging to help communicate the company’s agility and responsiveness to changes nationally and globally.


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What We Delivered

  • Strategic Brand Research: Conducted an in-depth strategic brand research initiative, actively engaging in 2-3 primary stakeholder interviews. This immersive approach aimed to gather invaluable insights into FrictionlessMED’s ecosystem. Simultaneously, we meticulously explored the market landscape, identifying similar services and brands for the purpose of differentiation.
  • Top-Line Report: As a result of our strategic brand research, we meticulously compiled a comprehensive top-line report. This report not only encapsulates the raw data but also provides a distilled summary of research findings. The actionable insights and recommendations derived from this report serve as the cornerstone for guiding FrictionlessMED’s positioning, messaging, and comprehensive content marketing strategies.
  • Virtual Assets: In the realm of virtual brand representation, we conceptualized and designed two Virtual Zoom background options. These assets are thoughtfully crafted to not only enhance but truly embody FrictionlessMED’s brand presence in virtual interactions.
  • Brand Assets: Our commitment to reinforcing FrictionlessMED’s brand consistency extends to the creation of tangible brand assets. This encompasses the development of a customized email signature, ensuring that every communication echoes the brand identity. Additionally, we designed two distinctive logo concepts, providing visual anchors that uniquely define FrictionlessMED. The inclusion of a Quick Reference Guide ensures accessibility and ease of use for all stakeholders.
    • Master PPT Template: In the pursuit of professional and cohesive presentations, we meticulously crafted a Master PowerPoint Template. This template is designed to serve as a visual extension of FrictionlessMED’s brand, ensuring that every presentation is not just informative but also visually aligned with the overall brand identity.
    • Social Media: The optimization of the CEO’s LinkedIn account stands as a testament to our commitment to personal and professional branding. Simultaneously, we strategically drafted two engaging posts to mark the brand’s launch announcement on LinkedIn. This approach is tailored to resonate with the platform’s dynamic audience, generating interest and interaction.
    • Content Writing: Our expertise extends beyond visual elements to the realm of content creation. We dedicatedly produced compelling and coherent content for the FrictionlessMED website. This content not only aligns seamlessly with the brand’s messaging and values but also serves as a cohesive narrative that enhances the overall user experience.
    • Website Design: Our team seamlessly integrated WordPress and essential plugins to elevate both functionality and aesthetics. This meticulous execution covered not only the creative aspects but also the strategic incorporation of the content produced. The result is a website that not only visually represents FrictionlessMED but also provides an intuitive and engaging user interface.


    The Results

    To build a strong, cohesive, and consistent brand identity, we worked with FrictionlessMED to define their brand’s voice, tone, and style. Our approach during the design phase was to craft a fully functional yet simplistic website that caters to its users while also remaining engaging. This gave us an incredible opportunity to utilize proven design patterns that encourage visitors to continue through the sales funnel to conversion. Working hand in hand with our client, we consolidated content. We optimized a website to create a single, cohesive online experience and launch strategy by leveraging their personal and company page on LinkedIn to increase brand awareness.


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    “Engaging Conway Marketing Group as our full-service marketing partner made the process of building and managing a scalable brand easy. The cross-functional team at CMG partnered with us to define our brand identity and successfully launched our digital presence to a global target audience. Conway Marketing Group turned my vision for FrictionlessMED into a reality. We enjoy collaborating with the CMG team for success!”

    Dale Brown

    CEO, FrictionlessMed

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