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Annual CalWORKS Champions Event

Sandiego, California

Public Relations Event Promotion Campaign

The Challenge

Equus Workforce Solutions, a prominent provider of employment and housing services for CalWORKs clients in northern San Diego County, eagerly anticipated hosting its first in-person event in four years. Prior to the pandemic, the annual Champions celebration served as Equus’ flagship event, embodying the acknowledgment of selected CalWORKs participants for their exceptional perseverance and unwavering commitment to enhancing their lives. The organization sought to illuminate the compelling and heartening narratives of their Champions, highlighting their remarkable resilience and unwavering determination as they embraced the return to organizing engaging face-to-face gatherings. The event aimed not only to celebrate achievements but also to inspire and motivate others on their journey towards success and personal growth.


Public Reltions

Media List Building


 Press Releases

On-Site Media Management


What We Delivered

  • Discovery and Intake Process: The project commenced with an initial meeting to comprehensively understand the event’s dynamics and stakeholders. Subsequent follow-ups were conducted with Equus and CalWORKS points of contact to ensure alignment.

  • Media Invitation Strategy: A meticulous process was undertaken to compile a list of local media outlets to invite for event coverage. This involved drafting and sending out media advisories, ensuring all necessary details were included and approved by stakeholders.

  • Spokesperson Coordination: Efforts were made to identify suitable spokespeople for the event, including reviewing client honoree stories. Availability confirmation was sought for spokespeople and potential awardees for interviews, facilitating effective media engagement.

  • On-Site Media Management: On the day of the event, dedicated efforts were directed towards managing media interactions and ensuring smooth coverage, maintaining a positive atmosphere.

  • Preparation of Talking Points: Tailored “cheat sheets” were created for each spokesperson involved, ensuring consistency and clarity in messaging. Separate sets were prepared for CalWORKS and Equus representatives, as well as for potential honorees interviewed.

  • Post-Event Press Release: Drafting and approval processes were initiated for a post-event press release, ensuring timely dissemination of key highlights and outcomes from the event.

  • Press Release Distribution: Following the event, an updated press release was prepared and distributed to media outlets, incorporating quotes from client honorees and spokespeople, along with event photos for added context.

  • Individual Media Follow-Ups: Personalized follow-ups were conducted with media attendees to provide any additional assets or information required. Similar outreach was extended to media outlets that were unable to attend, ensuring comprehensive coverage.


The Results

This campaign resulted in a positive story about the event in the region’s leading local newspaper, the San Diego Union-Tribune. Per our client contact, “Conway for the touchdown, slam dunk & home-run! The event has NEVER gotten this kind of coverage before! Nicole, thank you so very much! This is a HUGE WIN for the County & for Equus!”


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