SkillGigs, Inc. is an ecommerce talent marketplace that pairs skilled healthcare and technology job seekers with AI-matched work opportunities. Launched in 2017 on the belief that companies and talent should be able to interact seamlessly, SkillGigs is dedicated to empowering the users. SkillGigs elevates and maximizes the hiring process by removing traditional barriers. The company’s patented AI software matches talent with jobs tailored to their skills, while giving companies with open positions strong candidates who are ready to work—all without a single recruiter.

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The Challenge

SkillGigs, Inc., is a major disruptor in the traditionally slow-moving field of healthcare staffing, offering an AI-powered, direct sourcing alternative to third-party recruiters – but in order to gain traction with new potential users and increase revenue, they needed to make sure the industries they worked in knew what they had to offer, and viewed their leaders as experts.

Conway Market ing Group partnered with SkillGigs to greatly expand its public relations efforts and generate a consistent t hought leadership strategy for the company’s executive team.


Public Reltions

Media List Building


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Award Submissions


What We Delivered

  • Editorial and PR Calendar Development: Spearheaded by Conway Marketing Group (GMG), the development of a comprehensive editorial and PR calendar was a meticulous process. This roadmap strategically synchronized with major announcements and business focus areas throughout the year, ensuring that communication efforts were finely tuned to the rhythm of SkillGigs’ objectives.

  • Creation of PR Toolkit: Under the astute guidance of our public relations manager, the crafting of SkillGigs’ PR toolkit was a labor of precision. This invaluable resource encompassed not only foundational talking points but also a meticulously curated master media list. Continuously updated to stay relevant, it served as the cornerstone for proactive outreach to media contacts, significantly amplifying SkillGigs’ visibility and resonance across diverse platforms.

  • Implementation of Thought Leadership Strategy: In tandem with SkillGigs executives, our PR manager orchestrated the seamless execution of a multifaceted thought leadership strategy. Identifying fertile grounds for contributed content, drafting compelling op-eds and articles, and skillfully pitching them to discerning editors, our approach solidified SkillGigs’ stature as a beacon of authority in its domain, while generating palpable anticipation for forthcoming breakthroughs.

  • Wire Press Release Drafting: Tasked with the drafting of a wire press release to accompany pivotal announcements such as the platform launch, CMG embarked on a journey of precision and eloquence. Each word meticulously chosen, every phrase crafted to resonate, the release served as a beacon, guiding media attention and public interest toward SkillGigs’ innovative endeavors.


  • Targeted Media Pitching: To ensure the resounding success of the platform launch, our dedicated team undertook the arduous task of targeted media pitching with zeal and precision. Through personalized approaches, impactful coverage was secured, igniting widespread engagement within the industry ecosystem.

  • Enhancing Industry Recognition: Emboldened by the vision of SkillGigs’ leadership, our concerted efforts aimed at not just recognition, but reverence within the industry. Every piece of content curated, every outreach initiative meticulously orchestrated, served as building blocks in the edifice of SkillGigs’ reputation as a trailblazer. Through thoughtful strategies and concerted efforts, SkillGigs ascended as an undisputed force, garnering admiration and acclaim from peers and competitors alike.

  • Podcast Participation and Speaking Engagements: Acting as custodians of SkillGigs’ narrative, CMG embarked on a journey to amplify its voice through multifaceted channels. From insightful podcast appearances to prestigious speaking engagements, each opportunity seized was a testament to SkillGigs’ ascendancy. Moreover, our concerted efforts culminated in the submission and triumphant acquisition of six esteemed awards, further solidifying SkillGigs’ standing as an exemplar of excellence within the industry.

  • Continuous Adaptation and Improvement: Committed to the ethos of perpetual evolution, CMG embraced a culture of relentless evaluation and refinement. Each strategy meticulously dissected, every performance metric scrutinized with a discerning eye, our commitment to optimization remained unwavering. Through this relentless pursuit of excellence, SkillGigs was not merely poised for success but destined for sustained eminence in an ever-evolving landscape.


The Results

Before and after the launch of SkillGigs’ new platform experience, SkillGigs executive leaders had multiple bylines in influential staffing trade publications, and in publications targeting some of their primary industries, including healthcare and technology. The replatforming announcement garnered wide coverage in trade media. Additionally, the thought leadership strategy and content process established by SkillGigs and the CMG team led to a consistent flow of quality articles that could sustain the CEO’s Forbes Council contributor membership.

CMG secured impactful interviews on top industry podcasts like “Firing Squad with Chad & Cheese,” “Work On-Demand,” and RecruitingDaily’s “The Use Case,” showcasing SkillGigs’ expertise. Our team strategically placed thought leadership articles in respected publications such as McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, HR Future, and SIA’s The Staffing Stream. Furthermore, CMG drafted and placed sponsored thought leadership articles in esteemed external outlets including Forbes, Fortune, and Finance Digest. Our PR experts secured four executive speakership and panelist opportunities, providing SkillGigs with valuable platforms to share industry insights.

In September 2023, Conway Marketing Group received the esteemed Netty Award for the Best Press Release for Skillgigs’ new digital platform experience. Our successful partnership with SkillGigs’ marketing and product team enabled us to concisely outline the enhanced features of SkillGigs and effectively announce the re-platforming in early 2023. This significant accomplishment showcases our unwavering dedication to delivering excellent service to our clients.




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