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Imagen provides top-notch imaging diagnostics to enhance healthcare outcomes. As a leading tech-enabled diagnostic imaging services provider, Imagen focuses on improving imaging quality, cost, and accessibility. The FDA-cleared software boosts diagnostic accuracy by highlighting detected pathology in medical images, enabling primary care physicians to conduct multiple screening imaging exams and deliver faster results.

Nationwide Patient Research Study

3-Phase Quantitative Research Project

Imagen Technologies Quantitative Research Strategy

The Challenge

Imagen, a forward-thinking healthcare diagnostics company, tasked Conway Marketing Group (CMG) with a multifaceted challenge. Imagen sought assistance in conducting a qualitative research study to enhance their brand identity, drive awareness, inform product development, and increase lead generation.

The focus was on aligning with Imagen’s goals, marketing objectives, and the necessity for specific insights from a targeted patient survey candidate pool. The effort aimed to delve into patient preferences, perceptions, and experiences to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape and inform strategic decision-making for Imagen.


Brand Strategy


Survey Programming

Audience Targeting

Data Delivery


What We Delivered

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitated a strong collaboration with the Imagen team to gain a profound understanding of their solutions and align research objectives seamlessly with organizational goals.

  • Survey Precision: CMG’s brand strategist rigorously reviewed Imagen’s survey questions, ensuring meticulous alignment with research objectives and industry best practices.

  • Optimized Survey Programming: Employing top-tier quantitative market research practices, the brand strategist proficiently programmed the survey into the software.

  • Expert Patient Recruitment: Leveraging their expertise, the recruitment team identified and enlisted patients precisely meeting the study specifications outlined by Imagen.

  • Strategic Project Management: The brand strategist, in collaboration with the project manager, proficiently led the project, overseeing the seamless distribution of the survey to recruited participants.

  • Incidence Rate Precision: Acknowledging the sample’s specificity, CMG provided a maximum feasibility/incidence rate based on the sample size, ensuring precision in research outcomes.

  • Rigorous Raw Data Verification: The brand strategist meticulously gathered and verified all raw data collected during the survey, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy.

  • Comprehensive Data Delivery: The client received a comprehensive set of raw data, enabling in-depth analysis and interpretation for strategic decision-making.


The Results

Conway Marketing Group successfully executed the three-phase quantitative research project, providing Imagen with a wealth of valuable raw data. This data empowers Imagen to make informed decisions in enhancing their brand, driving awareness, informing product development, and boosting lead generation. The collaboration between CMG and Imagen ensured a seamless process from patient recruitment to data delivery, setting the stage for Imagen’s strategic initiatives.


Week Project




Survey Questions

Aside from their thought partnership. I most appreciated CMG’s flexibility in working with our team – in terms of both timing and working model. Since we had a number of important starts and stops’ as well as a desire to be very hands-on with our research design. Their team was highly accommodating of our needs throughout the project.

Shane Guiliani

SVP, Customer Experience & Care Delivery, Imagen Technologies

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