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With over 37 years of industry expertise, Cross Country Healthcare, Inc. is a top tech-enabled workforce solutions firm. Cross Country Healthcare focuses on resolving intricate labor-related issues while delivering superior patient care and remarkable outcomes. By winning the Best of Staffing® award multiple times, they maintain a commitment to serving their clients and partners with the utmost dedication and excellence.

3-Day Live Virtual Sales Summit

100+ Slide Presentation Deck

An Eye-Catching Virtual Sales Summit Experience

The Challenge

Cross Country Healthcare, a leading provider of healthcare staffing and workforce solutions, encountered the exciting challenge of organizing a Live Virtual Sales Summit. This innovative Summit was set to take place in the vibrant city of Boca Raton, Florida, featuring engaging live filming sessions spanning 3-5 hours each day across three consecutive days.

To guarantee the seamless success of this groundbreaking event, Cross Country Healthcare enlisted the expertise of Conway Marketing Group. This collaboration aimed to enhance the Summit with top-notch presentation design and development services, ensuring a memorable and impactful experience for all participants.



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What We Delivered

  • Collaborative Design Process: In a collaborative endeavor with Cross Country Healthcare, our team embarked on a journey to encapsulate the brand’s values and culture. Our objective was to craft a presentation design that not only visually captivated but also deeply resonated with the essence of Cross Country Healthcare.

  • Customized Deliverables: Tailoring our offerings to meet Cross Country Healthcare’s unique needs, we delivered a custom-branded PowerPoint deck seamlessly integrated with client-provided videos. Additionally, our team developed complementary graphics and provided comprehensive presentation support, including meticulous design and cleanup services.

  • Brand Integration and Consistency: A key aspect of our graphic presentation design was the seamless integration of Cross Country Healthcare’s brand identity. We meticulously incorporated brand colors, logos, and other visual elements to ensure consistency and reinforce brand recognition throughout the presentation. By aligning our design choices with the brand’s guidelines and values, we maintained a cohesive and professional visual identity that resonated with the audience.

  • Enhanced Experience: Going beyond conventional visuals, we aimed to elevate the overall presentation experience. This involved curating music recommendations and seamlessly embedding them into the PowerPoint deck. Our intention was to heighten audience engagement and immerse them in the Summit’s atmosphere.

  • Engagement and Interactivity: We employed interactive and dynamic graphic elements to enhance audience engagement and participation. From interactive charts and diagrams to animated transitions and overlays, our design choices were geared towards capturing and maintaining the audience’s attention. 

  • Seamless Presentation Execution: To ensure flawless presentation delivery, we provided strategic recommendations. This encompassed advocating for the use of the Zoom platform and furnishing a comprehensive template for the Run of Show. Such measures were implemented to facilitate smooth transitions and maintain a cohesive flow throughout the Summit.

  • Client Collaboration and Communication: Maintaining open lines of communication throughout the project lifecycle was paramount. We remained in constant dialogue with the client, actively soliciting feedback and insights to ensure alignment with their expectations. This collaborative approach allowed us to tailor our efforts effectively, meeting and exceeding the client’s vision.

  • Iterative Refinement: Our iterative refinement process played a pivotal role in crafting the final output. Soliciting feedback and incorporating client preferences at various development stages ensured that the end product surpassed expectations. This iterative approach enabled adjustments and enhancements, resulting in a presentation that authentically resonated with both the client and their audience.


The Results

The Virtual Sales Summit garnered significant results, achieving high levels of engagement and a positive response from the sales team, which was impressive. The Summit was deemed a success, with Cross Country Healthcare achieving its goal of bringing the sales team together for a successful event. Our partnership with Cross Country Healthcare was yet another example of how Conway Marketing Group offers superior services, utilizing collaborative and creative strategies to provide exceptional results to our clients.


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