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Health Carousel is a staffing and workforce solutions company that focuses on providing healthcare workforce services. They offer staffing, advisory services, and technology solutions to healthcare organizations. They aim to help healthcare companies maximize their workforce potential and provide quality care to their patients. Health Carousel also provides career opportunities and support for healthcare professionals.

American Staffing Association (ASA) Virtual Webinar

19 Slide Presentation Deck

Exceptional Engagement at ASA Webinar

The Challenge

Health Carousel, a renowned healthcare staffing and workforce solutions provider, lay in orchestrating a highly anticipated virtual American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) webinar. With the esteemed Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) poised to deliver an insightful presentation on a crucial healthcare topic, meticulous planning was essential. The primary objective was clear: elevate the virtual experience for the audience attending the webinar. To meet this challenge, Health Carousel dedicated itself to crafting presentation content that provided valuable insights, while ensuring that creative elements seamlessly complemented the storyline. The ultimate goal was to captivate and engage participants, leaving a lasting impact on their understanding and knowledge of the subject matter.




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What We Delivered

  • Presentation Deck Update: Our team meticulously updated the provided presentation deck, incorporating creative and content updates as necessary to align with the webinar’s objectives and audience expectations. This involved refining visuals, enhancing messaging, and ensuring coherence throughout the presentation.

  • Whitepaper Creation: In addition to the presentation deck, we undertook the task of crafting a comprehensive whitepaper on the presentation topic. This involved thorough research, analysis, and synthesis of information to provide attendees with valuable insights and resources for further exploration.

  • Audience Engagement Materials: We developed a range of audience engagement materials to enrich the webinar experience, including 3-4 poll questions designed to be delivered and discussed during the live program, fostering interactive participation and gauging audience opinions. Additionally, we crafted 3 seed questions to be added to the webinar console, sparking insightful discussions during the Q&A portion and encouraging attendee engagement. Furthermore, we formulated 6 assessment questions with answers to test attendee knowledge through scenario-based inquiries, promoting critical thinking and comprehension of the webinar content.


  • Introductory Bio: To effectively introduce the presenter, we composed a succinct yet compelling introductory bio that showcased the presenter’s expertise and credentials. This bio served as a professional and engaging prelude to his participation in the webinar.

  • Promotional Video Script: To build anticipation and excitement for the webinar, we meticulously scripted a dynamic 30-second promotional video. This video encapsulated the event’s key highlights and benefits, serving as an engaging teaser to attract potential attendees.

  • Promotional Campaigns: Our team orchestrated a multi-pronged promotional campaign to drive attendance and maximize outreach. This included crafting 3 LinkedIn promos strategically scheduled leading up to the event. Additionally, we designed an email invite for our database, thoughtfully crafted to entice recipients and prompt them to register for the event. Lastly, we prepared a blog write-up post-event, offering a comprehensive overview of the webinar’s key takeaways and insights, serving as a valuable resource for those unable to attend and helping extend the webinar’s impact beyond the live session.


The Results

The virtual ASA webinar was a huge triumph, with an exceptional level of audience engagement and participation. The updated presentation deck not only aligned with the requirements set out by the CNO, but it also complemented the storyline, effectively captivating the participants throughout the event. Interactive polls and a promo video boosted participation and enhanced the virtual experience. Collaboratively, Health Carousel and Conway Marketing Group demonstrated an unwavering commitment to attaining the set objectives and showcased our ability to deliver top-notch results.


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