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Next Move Healthcare is a leading supplier of clinical talent, serving healthcare employers nationwide. We specialize in providing top-tier travel nurse and allied healthcare professionals, as well as unmatched surgical staffing services. As a clinician-first and clinician-led staffing enterprise, we are dedicated to delivering seamless experiences for providers and fostering a culture where talent becomes “raving fans.

1 Airport Grand Opening Digital Billboard

5 Stage Video Production Process

Grand Opening Airport Billboard Video For Next Move

The Challenge

The challenge for Next Move Healthcare was to leverage the Airport Grand Opening event to introduce its brand through an immersive digital billboard. Conway Marketing Group was tasked with creating a dynamic video to captivate attendees.

The event marked the inauguration of the New Terminal at Kansas City International Airport, presenting a prime opportunity for Next Move Healthcare to make a lasting impression. With a focus on creating an impactful visual narrative, CMG aimed to showcase Next Move Healthcare’s commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare staffing solutions.



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What We Delivered

  • High-Level Overview: CMG embarked on developing a concise yet impactful 7-second video designed to capture the attention of clinicians and partners attending the event. This video was strategically crafted to encapsulate the essence of Next Move Healthcare and resonate with the target audience within the limited timeframe available. Utilizing the five stages of video production – strategy and development, pre-production, production, post-production – CMG ensured a comprehensive approach to creating a compelling visual narrative.

  • Visual Development: A visually compelling storyboard was meticulously crafted by CMG during the strategy and development stage, ensuring alignment with Next Move Healthcare’s brand identity. Through careful selection of visuals, typography, and messaging, CMG ensured that the billboard video effectively conveyed Next Move Healthcare’s unique value proposition to viewers. This stage encompassed the planning and conceptualization of the video’s visual elements.

  • Brand Relevance: Throughout the video production process, CMG maintained a keen focus on ensuring alignment with Next Move Healthcare’s brand values and messaging. This ensured that the video served as a powerful representation of the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare staffing solutions. From strategy and development to post-production, CMG ensured that every aspect of the video reinforced Next Move Healthcare’s brand identity and message.

  • Engaging Content: The content of the 7-second video was carefully curated to evoke curiosity and interest among viewers. CMG crafted a compelling narrative that effectively communicated Next Move Healthcare’s key messages and value proposition, leaving a memorable impression on those who viewed it. Throughout production and post-production, CMG ensured the seamless integration of graphic elements, stock images, and existing b-roll footage to enhance the video’s impact. The inclusion of visually engaging elements and the QR code further enhanced the billboard’s effectiveness in driving audience engagement.

  • Captivating Debut: The digital billboard, featuring CMG’s meticulously designed video, made its debut at the Kansas City International Airport Grand Opening. This debut was strategically timed and placed to maximize exposure and engagement, capturing the attention of both event attendees and ongoing airport visitors.

  • Ongoing Impact: Beyond its debut at the Grand Opening event, the digital billboard continued to serve as a powerful marketing tool for Next Move Healthcare. Its strategic placement within the airport ensured ongoing exposure to a diverse audience of travelers, further reinforcing the company’s brand presence and message. The inclusion of a QR code provided an interactive element, allowing viewers to engage further with Next Move Healthcare’s brand and track the success of the billboard graphics. 


The Results

The collaboration between CMG and Next Move Healthcare yielded positive results and made a significant impact at the Airport Grand Opening event. Through the digital billboard, Next Move Healthcare showcases the company’s unique value proposition to leave a lasting impression on 11.5 million annual travelers. By debuting the billboard video at the Airport Grand Opening, Next Move Healthcare demonstrates their commitment to being at the forefront of the healthcare industry. The company’s presence at such a significant event enhances their reputation and positions them as a leading player in the market.


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