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WithMe Health’s mission is to change the PBM industry and medication guidance for the better. WithMe Health’s signature innovation is their Personalized Medication Guidance program, a human-led, tech-enabled clinical team whose focus is on utilization management. Through proactive engagement, this organization can drive savings and improve both outcomes and member satisfaction.

20+ External Interviews With Transcripts


1 Top-line Report With Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights for WithMe Health LLC

The Challenge

WithMe Health, LLC is dedicated to providing personalized medication guidance to improve health outcomes and lower pharmacy expenses. To better understand their target market, WithMe Health has enlisted our healthcare marketing agency to conduct a comprehensive qualitative research study.

The study aims to provide data-driven insights and recommendations, ultimately strengthening WithMe Health’s position in the marketplace. Furthermore, the study results will inform and enhance WithMe Health’s marketing strategy for a more targeted and effective approach to reaching their audience.


Branding Strategy

Research & Insights

Recordings & Transcripts

Interview Analysis


What We Delivered

  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Fostered close collaboration with the WithMe Health team to deeply understand their solutions and align research objectives with organizational goals.
  • Pre-screening Questionnaire: Developed and distributed a targeted pre-screening questionnaire to identify suitable participants for the qualitative research project.
  • In-Depth Interviews: Conducted 45-minute in-depth interviews with qualified candidates, exploring and capturing detailed insights into WithMe Health’s solutions.
  • Qualitative Data Analysis: Meticulously analyzed each interview and transcript to extract meaningful patterns, trends, and recommendations from the gathered data.
  • Visual Data Representation: Utilized visual aids, such as charts and graphs, in the top-line report to enhance the presentation of complex data, making it more accessible and understandable for stakeholders. 
  • Top-Line Report: Reviewed and synthesized the study’s findings, presenting a comprehensive top-line report that encapsulates actionable insights and strategic recommendations for WithMe Health.
  • Post-Research Consultation Session: Conducted a dedicated session with the board and staff to address inquiries, offer additional clarification, and support WithMe Health in effectively applying the insights gained from the research.


The Results

Conway Marketing Group and WithMe Health conducted thorough qualitative research. Our four-phase approach provided valuable insights into WithMe Health’s target audience and marketplace solutions. Through in-depth interviews, we uncovered distinct experiences and opinions, resulting in rich and nuanced data. These findings equipped WithMe Health with actionable insights to enhance their marketplace solutions. This collaboration generated practical insights to impact WithMe Health’s future endeavors.


Transcript Minutes


Interview Quotes


Key Findings

It’s been a great pleasure working with CMG on several market research projects. They are very professional in the interview process and offered great insights when summarizing the research results, which helped my company better position our products. I would highly recommend CMG.

Sally Yang

Chief Product Officer, WithMe Health

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