Healthfully at HLTH

Healthfully is a HealthTech SaaS company committed to providing healthcare, corporations, and community organizations with digital health solutions that deliver the best experience to their patients and communities. They provide a white-label, comprehensive technology platform to engage and empower consumers on their health and wellness journey.

10′ x 20′ HLTH Event Booth Package

4 High-Resolution Graphic Panels

Custom Booth Design for HLTH Event

The Challenge

HLTH is renowned as the preeminent event in the healthcare industry, bringing together top leaders from various sectors of the health ecosystem to collaboratively address the most urgent challenges and unlock the most promising opportunities in healthcare innovation.

Conway Marketing Group joined forces with Healthfully, a leading health technology company, to meticulously craft and execute a booth design and event strategy that reflected their brand identity. The collaborative efforts ensured a visually stunning, professional, and captivating presence at the event, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and industry professionals alike.



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What We Delivered

  • Dynamic Booth Experience Delivery: Conway Marketing Group (CMG) executed a dynamic and engaging booth experience tailored to Healthfully’s needs. Our collaborative approach involved close coordination with Healthfully’s leadership to ensure alignment with key messaging and branding. By understanding the client’s objectives thoroughly, CMG crafted a comprehensive booth experience that captivated event attendees and facilitated meaningful interactions.
  • Strategic Event Support Implementation: CMG provided robust event support, encompassing various promotional activities before and after the show. Prior to the event, we developed a meticulous promotion plan, including the creation of an event landing page, social media posts, and email campaigns. This proactive approach ensured that Healthfully’s participation was effectively communicated, maximizing anticipation and engagement among potential prospects.
  • Pre-Event Promotion Campaign Execution: The pre-event promotion campaign encompassed a multi-faceted approach, featuring targeted social media posts, compelling email content, and updates to the company’s homepage. CMG designed four captivating social media posts, alongside with an engaging email campaigns. Additionally, we revamped the homepage to prominently highlight Healthfully’s participation.
  • Post-Event Engagement Strategy Implementation: Following the event, CMG seamlessly transitioned into a post-event engagement strategy, focusing on nurturing the leads acquired during the show. This involved crafting two organic social media posts and an email series designed to maintain momentum and foster continued interest among leads. By leveraging a strategic blend of content and timing, we facilitated ongoing dialogue and relationship-building with potential prospects.

  • Digital Leave-Behind Enhancement: As part of our deliverables, CMG performed light copy and graphics cleanup to a pre-existing one-pager, transforming it into a polished digital leave-behind. This collateral served as a valuable resource for Healthfully, providing attendees with key information and reinforcing the brand’s messaging beyond the confines of the event space.

  • Precision Booth Graphics Design: CMG meticulously designed and packaged art files for Healthfully’s 10’x20’ booth package, ensuring visual consistency and impactful branding. This encompassed creating distinct panels for various booth components, including the left back panel wall, center back panel wall, right left backwall panel, and reception cabinet front panel. Each element was meticulously crafted to optimize visibility and convey Healthfully’s brand identity effectively.


The Results

Our partnership resulted in a show-stopping booth that elevated our client’s presence at HLTH and a successful event support campaign that drove awareness and leads for our client to reach 9,500+ attendees, 2,500+ CEOs, and over 150 media attendees.


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