Alyson Lupo

Alyson Lupo, recognized as @reallifecurlygirl, is a visionary wavy-hair expert with a passion for empowering stylists, salons, and clients through her extensive knowledge in transforming curls and waves.

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The Challenge

Alyson Lupo posed a complex challenge to Conway Marketing Group (CMG): the harmonization of her distinct digital websites and brand personas into a unified, compelling identity. This task went beyond merging and, this project aimed to establish a cohesive platform for current ventures in live and on-demand classes.

Alyson’s aspirations surpassed the mere merging of existing websites. She envisioned a unified digital ecosystem—a cohesive platform consolidating current initiatives and laying the foundation for future endeavors. This encompassed aspirations promoting her upcoming published book, the launch of future on-demand classes, and an overarching vision aligned with her brand’s essence.


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What We Delivered

  • Brand Consolidation: In a strategic Brand Consolidation initiative, CMG seamlessly merged and, forging the singular brand identity “Alyson Lupo.” This transformation encompassed a comprehensive set of features, including a refined brand identity, a harmonized color palette, and a carefully curated refreshed logo.

  • Intuitive WordPress Website Design: Seamlessly integrating WordPress, the Divi theme, and essential plugins to elevate both functionality and aesthetics.

  • Content-Rich Pages: Engaging and informative content development, thoughtfully aligned with the proposed sitemap, designed to cater to Alyson’s diverse audiences.

  • SEO Optimization: Implementing strategic strategies to enhance search engine visibility and elevate website ranking.

  • Integrated LMS & Secure Payment Processing: Enabled the delivery of on-demand classes by integrating a robust Learning Management System (LMS), coupled with secure payment processing capabilities to guarantee safe and efficient user transactions.

  • Amazon Store and Products Integration: Effortlessly streamlining the integration of wavy-hair products with an Amazon store for a unified online presence.

  • Blog: Establishing a dynamic blog platform for regular updates and compelling, engaging content.

  • Coupon Popups: Strategically implementing popups to enhance user experience and encourage conversions through exclusive offers.
  • Quiz: Incorporating an interactive quiz to enrich user engagement and interaction.


The Results

Through the strategic implementation of a new brand identity and enhanced digital presence, Conway Marketing Group Inc. has cultivated a unified platform primed for success, growth, and transformation within the dynamic digital landscape. This collaborative effort serves as a testament to the potent combination of strategic branding, innovation, and partnership, surpassing ambitious digital aspirations. The unified approach resonates powerfully with the target audience, solidifying brand credibility and recognition. As a result, Conway Marketing Group Inc. stands at the forefront of industry excellence, ready to navigate and lead in the evolving digital frontier.


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Conway Marketing came to my rescue when my solo entrepreneurship business growth had plateaued. Their team crafted a beautiful, functional SEO-optimized website that made next-level growth possible. They also brought to fruition a number of projects I would never have been able to execute in such a timely manner on my own. Nicole herself is full of creative, revenue-driving ideas, and directs a self-sufficient, empowered team to bring them to life. If growth is your next step, don’t sleep on this marketing firm.

Alyson Lupo


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