Brand Building For Frictionless MED


Brand consistency builds a strong foundation so audiences will better understand a company’s value. The result is brand trust, loyalty, and, ultimately, the driving force of repeat business. However, a successful brand strategy keeps your brand moving toward success and recognition. Conway Marketing Group delivers strategic marketing solutions that connect brands to their purpose. Read more about one company’s journey to establish and maintain brand consistency.

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Strategic Brand Research



Brand Messaging

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Marketing Roadmap

Company Overview

FrictionlessMED is a healthcare consulting company that guides everything from healthcare technology curation to client acquisition and retention. A new player in the healthcare space, FrictionlessMED curates new technologies in the US for international clients needing transformative solutions to improve healthcare. FrictionlessMED Founder Dale Brown’s vision is to create frictionless healthcare systems globally that elevate care clinically, financially, and operationally. The company retained Conway Marketing Group to strengthen its brand identity and help launch its digital presence to expand its global reach and build brand awareness around innovative technologies.

Technology Curation

Leadership Team Consulting

Market Strategy Development

Client Acquisition & Retention

The Problem

Dale Brown, Founder of FrictionlessMED, is a growth-oriented healthcare executive and seasoned board director with a proven track record of advancing start-up and multi-billion-dollar organizations in the U.S. and internationally. Brown wanted to build a strong, cohesive, and consistent brand identity that would give potential clients a macro-level overview of what they did – accelerate the deployment of technology-based solutions to transform healthcare globally.

New research reveals a disconnect between brand values and actions amid growing consumer distrust. According to Gartner, Inc, only 19% of leaders believe their actions, positioning, and messaging align with their brands’ actual values. As a result, competitive differentiation is more critical than ever. Conway Marketing Group partnered with Brown to strengthen the company’s brand identity to spark renewed interest among existing customers and garner the attention of those previously not engaged with his brand. In addition, strengthening its core values and messaging to help communicate the company’s agility and responsiveness to changes nationally and globally.

The Solution

Building a positive, cohesive brand image requires analyzing FrictionlessMED and its market and determining its goals, customers, and message. Conway Marketing Group will start with strategic brand research to inform the branding and messaging for the immediate needs and future state of FrictionlessMED. Building a positive, cohesive brand image requires analyzing the company and its market and determining its goals, customers, and message. This foundational work is focused on the following elements critical to a start-up consulting business:

Personal Branding

Sales Pitch

Business Website

Social Network

Thought Leadership

A crucial part of discovery focused on our strategic brand research strategy to create positioning and develop messaging to differentiate FrictionlessMED from the competition.

We helped the client identify opportunities to:

  • Strengthen brand identity and inform positioning
  • Develop a brand aesthetic and message to differentiate FrictionlessMED
  • Build brand awareness
  • Position Founder Dale Brown as a thought leader

Across the healthcare industry, artificial intelligence is changing the way clinical providers make decisions. As the industry shifts, there is an excellent opportunity to use AI in healthcare to help drive cost savings and reshape healthcare practice. This untapped potential was unleashed by establishing a solid brand aesthetic to go to market with, a website to establish FrictionlessMED as a viable solution in the industry, and a social media presence that established Dale as a leader and connector.

“Engaging Conway Marketing Group as our full-service marketing partner made the process of building and managing a scalable brand easy. The cross-functional team at CMG partnered with us to define our brand identity and successfully launched our digital presence to a global target audience. Conway Marketing Group turned my vision for FrictionlessMED into a reality. We enjoy collaborating with the CMG team for success!”

Dale Brown

CEO, FrictionlessMed

The Results

To build a strong, cohesive, and consistent brand identity, we worked with FrictionlessMED to define their brand’s voice, tone, and style. Our approach during the design phase was to craft a fully functional yet simplistic website that caters to its users while also remaining engaging. This gave us an incredible opportunity to utilize proven design patterns that encourage visitors to continue through the sales funnel to conversion. Working hand in hand with our client, we consolidated content. We optimized a website to create a single, cohesive online experience and launch strategy by leveraging their personal and company page on LinkedIn to increase brand awareness. Marketing via social media helps businesses share more than their products and services. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter engage with customers, strengthen loyalty and present their personalities and values.

Giving your brand a voice

A brand strategy is a purposeful plan to identify what your brand represents from the inside out. However, a successful brand strategy keeps your brand moving toward success and recognition.

Successfully launching the site was a bittersweet final task as it meant parting ways with the dedicated and hardworking team at FrictionlessMED. However, knowing that the company now has a skillfully crafted website that truly represents them as an expert in their industry means we could wrap up the project with happy hearts.

Finding an agency that understands your branding needs could be challenging. Whether you’ve neglected yours for years, are entering a new market, or just need a breath of fresh air, we can help you not only find your story but own it too. Allow the dynamic team at Conway Marketing Group to help you craft a branding strategy to reach your goals today.